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Part 29: Purgatory, Wrong Ending

Purgatory - Wrong End 1

Music: Dissection Room C

When prompted to hide, we choose to hide under the table.

Either way, I couldn't afford to hesitate at a time like this. I had to follow my instincts.

Fortunately, the table was pretty low to the ground, so I did have some cover there. Nonetheless, I prayed for the footsteps to pass by without coming in. But then, the person making those footsteps was probably the same person who turned on the light in here, so I didn't honestly hold out much hope.

Rapidly, my thoughts grew darker. Worst case scenarios began flashing through my mind, one after another. I grasped my quivering mouth and violently shaking shoulders in a vain attempt to calm myself down. I clenched my eyes shut and willed myself to swallow any sounds that threatened to leak out.

(Naho... Naho, please, help me!)
Uggghhh... Uggghhh... GRRRRRR...

Music: Feeling Hopeless

Wh-What...was happening?!

That was the sound of a girl in pain. The man had apparently dropped someone onto the table, and she was either injured or...being injured.

Girl: Aaahhh...! AhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!! It hurts! It hurts! It HURTS! IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS!!

I could hear an unearthly scream from the other side of the table above me. My body became rigid.

Video: Purgatory - Wrong End 1

Uggghhh... Uggghhh...
*pant* *pant* *whimper* ...!

Crap! If he bent down to pick that up, he'd see me for sure!


Music: Unavoidable Tragedy

'He' was a very strange, horrifying creature. He seemed not quite human...but not really anything else, either. And whatever he was, I was scared to death of him.

Uggghhh... Uggghhh... GRRRRRR...

On second thought, maybe he was human. He just had a grotesque face and an abnormally large body. Not to mention a zombie-like disposition. He was horrifying.

Uggghhh... Uggghhh...

I feared as much for my life as any human being can. I was frightened...afraid...terrified... There's no word strong enough!

I was flailing my arms and legs and doing everything I possibly could to break free from his grip, but this man was strong as an ox. He wasn't letting go. I was fairly certain he could crush my throat with his bare hands if he wanted to.

Somebody! Anybody! Naho! MOMMY!!

It was almost as if he were proving my hypothesis. The tissue and bones in my throat scraped together with a sickening, unnatural sound. I gasped for air. My trachea was in pieces. I could feel my consciousness drifting away...

Music: None


I wasn't sure why, but he then suddenly let out a bloodcurdling moan and made a beeline toward the room's only exit. As he ran out, he turned around and slammed his hand into the heavy iron door...and it began slowly lurching closed.

I was locked in. I knew it right away. I ran toward the door, as best as I could manage...but I already knew I wouldn't be able to get it open again.


The girl I'd heard screaming was strapped onto the surface of the now overturned table, dangling helplessly.



Music: Despair


Sound Effect: Light

Girl: Rrnnggh... It hurts... It hurts!

Music: None

No light ever returned to that blood-drenched, pitch black room. And the girl I was trapped with hadn't said a word for a long time.

I knew it smelled in here. I knew it was cold, and that I was in pain...but I couldn't sense any of it anymore. Was I alive? Was I dead? I wasn't sure it even mattered. I just wanted to leave that room. Somebody...please...let me out...

Music: Wrong End

Video: Purgatory - Wrong End 1 ends here.

Purgatory only has one Wrong Ending, so that's the end of that.

You know the drill by now. Completing the chapter unlocked more Soulful Testimonies!

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