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Part 6: Chapter 1, Part 6

Video: Seiko
This video covers the entire update, aside from one name tag skipped in the video but covered in the text.

Split up from Naomi, Seiko heads to the first floor.

Naomi... *wail*

Music: Chapter 1's Second Theme

Now controlling Seiko, we head west.

"So why...have I been left behind...? ...It hurts... It hurts so much..."


Seiko: Daddy, I can't find Mommy anywhere! ...Ahh... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

...When I'm by myself, I think of the stupidest things...

We continue deeper into the first floor.

Music: None

Follow the voice?


That was...the first time, huh. The first time...I ever fought with Naomi like that.

Background Sound: Soft Hum

(From the moment Seiko and I parted ways, the fear I'd been harboring since I got here just kept growing stronger and stronger. I felt like something else was in my I was under some alien influence... In my mentally distraught state, I ran all through the building, frantically searching for Seiko. I just kept calling her name, over and over again. When I finally came back to my senses, I found myself standing in the third floor hallway.)

...Come on, Seiko! Don't leave me by myself in here!

Sound Effect: Thump

Is that you...?

Before investigating the noise, we turn back and investigate the corpse that wasn't here the last time.

Sasha Shinonome Age: 16
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class I-2

Ribcage smashed in with blunt instrument.

With that detour out of the way, we head west.

Sound Effect: Thump

It sounds like it's coming from the girl's lavatory. We look inside.

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Rope

...? (Someone's definitely in there...)

Music: Horror


Why? WHY?! No! NO!!

Seiko! You're alive?! Hold on, I'll get you down!

Naomi reaches up to try and help Seiko.

Ahhh! Sorry! ...Ooohh, what do I do? What do I do?! *whimper*

Leaping into action, Naomi quickly leaves the lavatory.

Music: None

I might be able to use this as a footstool!

*clang* *splurch* *scutter*

U-Ulllgh... (This is so revolting...but if it saves Seiko...)

A significant number of maggots have found their way onto Naomi's hands and skirt.

Sound Effect: Item

With the bucket in hand, we run back into the lavatory to Seiko's aid.


Naomi takes a step back.



Music: End of Chapter

*sob* Why?! Why would you hang yourself?! You were smiling and laughing all this time... Didn't you say we'd find a way out of here together...? Stop this...

*sob* *whimper* Say something!!

I want to apologize to you...for what I said... Up until just a few hours before, I was laughing and playing in school with my best friend. Now, here she was, right in front of my eyes...lifeless, hanging from a noose... How could I possibly accept this as reality?!

...I can't believe this is real... I accept it... It just...can't be...