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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 18: Chapter 3, Part 4

Video: Camera

Music: Chapter 3's Theme

We're finished with our business on the third floor (figuratively speaking, of course. No "business" was actually done up there, despite our attempts), so we head back to the second floor.

Sound Effect: Camera

As we enter the floor, we hear a shutter sound and see a flash.

...Sounds like...a camera?

Sound Effect: Camera

We continue south, into the dark hallway, and see another flash.

Ah! Morishige! You're okay!

Morishige quickly puts his phone away.

I'm so relieved to see someone else from class...

Satoshi and Yuka turn and look down the hall.

Wh-What... What is this?! Is it... Was it...a person...?
It's an awful sight, isn't it? Seems like pulverized human remains to me. There's a bit of breast meat mixed in, so I'm guessing female.
Never thought I'd see something so horrific. Makes me want to throw up.
At any rate, I'm glad you're all right. Have you found anyone else?
I'm afraid I haven't. I only just awoke in here a short while ago, and haven't encountered a single other soul.
Same story as us, then. My sister and I haven't come across anyone else yet.

No, sorry.
That poor girl. I'm sure she's in here somewhere...shivering...and crying... I need to find her. I need to be with her.
I'm certain Suzumoto must be thinking the same thing about you.
How about we look for her together?

So I'm going to continue the search by myself.
All right. Then how about we designate classroom 1-A as an official rendezvous point? If you find any of the others, tell them we'll all be gathering together there. And we'll do the same. Sound good?

Morishige exits to the south.

I-It's nothing... Don't look at it, okay? Come on, let's get out of here.

I'm sure it wasn't what it looked like. Come on, let's go, okay?

Sound Effect: Slam

Video: Camera ends here.

It's kind of horrible to see Morishige desperately search for Mayu while she's right there beside him, splattered all over the wall.

We continue southward, and head downstairs.

...Something seems different here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

No, that's silly. I'm sure it was something else.

As usual, we prioritize corpse gazing over doors.

Mika Naruse Age: 17
Musashigawa Girls' High School, Class II-3

Skull cracked open with blunt instrument.

The mysterious new door is locked, so we start looking around for the key.

We head for the far west side of the hall and go upstairs.


Come to think of it, the Victim's Memoirs we read said something about communicating across spaces by writing on the teacher's desk, didn't they?

Ms. Yui, we've gone to find you. If we pass each other and you see this message, wait right here. We'll be back.

Yeah, and I recognize that sloppy handwriting. No doubt about it, it's from Yoshiki! Which means he's also been brought here, at the very least. Along with Ms. Yui!
So if we wait here, do you think they'll come back?
I dunno, maybe... (...Though we have no way of knowing if they're in the same space as us...)

Words seem to have materialized, hovering in the air just above the desk's surface, barely perceptible... Unfortunately, the letters are very faint, so you can't quite make sense of them just yet.

While we're here, we check the nearby cabinet.

Use the nail puller you found to smash the glass?




The glass door is now in pieces on the floor all around you.

Sound Effect: Item

Regrettably, the nail puller broke on impact as well. Seems its usefulness has come to an end.

We exit the classroom, and head north.

Their grudges serve as the ties that hold this school building together, and largely account for the dreadful curse placed upon it. When staring such power in the face, your mind will surely wither, and your soul will no doubt be eaten.

Our souls, children?

I'm not sure exactly when this note changes. It's not really important, but I figure it's something a lot of people probably don't see.

After reading it, we head back down to that locked door in the extended hallway.

The door to the second wing is now unlocked.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

We cross through the door, and arrive on a covered walkway.

Brr! It's freezing out here!
A second wing, huh? Can't believe the school is this big...
*shiver* *strain*
A-Are you all right?!
Uh-huh... I'll be fine.
(Maybe...there'll be a faculty bathroom in the second wing...)

(...but look at these woods! It's like they go on forever...and they're completely surrounding this whole building... I guess now's not the time to be worrying about that, anyway. First things first, let's take care of Yuka's predicament!)
Come on, let's go.
*pant* *pant* ...Okay...

We walk down the covered walkway and enter the second wing.

Background Sound: None

Music: Annex

Ooh, big brother... My head hurts. It feels's going to split open...
Mine too. And my ears are ringing...
I don't think it's safe to be in here for very long. Do you want to wait back in the main building, Yuka? I definitely get the feeling you're safer there...
No, please! Take me with you! Don't leave me by myself...
(Don't have much choice, then...) All right, no need to worry, okay? I'll stay right by your side.

We begin exploring the second wing, starting by reading the note by the shoe lockers.


There are two exits to this room, not including the one back to the walkway. One is to the west, and one is to the east. We head west first.

Oh, score! We quickly enter the bathroom.

Nnnnng... Rrnnnng...

Well if there's a boys' room, there must be a girls' room as well. There's nothing else in here, so we exit bathroom and continue our search.

Oddly, aside from the boys' lavatory, this room is completely empty. Ordinarily you would put both restrooms very close to each other, right?

We head west, exiting the area.

We find a very dark stairwell. We go down first. It quickly hits a dead end, with nothing but a body and a note.

"Luck is fickle...but I still have faith in it. That good luck charm... I know it's stupid...but I truly believe it works... So I know I'll see you again. Mao...and if anyone else finds this letter...please...wish her good luck for me. -Kaori Kimura, class 2-4, Lexern High"

Kaori Kimura Age: 17
Lexern Senior High School, Class 2-4

Wounded during earthquake; bled out.





We head back up, past the first floor, and continue climbing upwards.

There's another door on the second floor, but we pass it and continue climbing.

The third floor landing contains a skeleton and a door.

Ryoko Fujiwara Age: 17
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

Found note with little sister's remains; starved to death while mourning.

There's nothing else for us at the top of the stairwell, so we head back down to the second floor and enter the door we passed.

This room is really similar to the floor directly below, but in much worse shape.

Oh. Well, uh...

...Sorry, Yuka.