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Part 24: Chapter 4, Part 1

Video: Chapter 4 Intro
Don't watch this video at work, or with anyone else in the room. There's nothing explicit, but there's still naked anime and naked pixels.

I-I can wash it myself, you know...

Yuu climbs out of the tub, using his hands to cover his shame.

*snicker* What you hidin' under your hands there, little man? There are no secrets in this bathroom!
C-Come on! Don't!

Seiko starts vigorously scrubbing Yuu's back.

Ahhh! Wh-What are you doing?!
C'mere, you little cutie-pie!



Yuu pushes his sister off of him and stands up.

*pant* *pant* You know, Sis...
Sometimes, you really are like a mom.
You really think so? *giggle* Yuu, you're such a sweetie.
I-I didn't...mean it like that...

Of course there's a CG.

You've really grown up, Yuu. Always thinking about your big sis' feelings.
But you're still young, you know? Too young to act like such a grown-up. You should stop worrying about me, and just keep on being a kid.
*giggle* Aww, you're crying! See, you really are still a kid!
...Want some of Mama's milk?
That's not even possible! Don't be a perv!
Yuu... You're such a good kid. Don't ever change, okay? I hope you stay like this forever...

Background Sound: Wind

Sis is really late getting home today... And she said Dad had a surprise for us, too. Said she's help me get ready for it... I wonder how much longer she'll be...

The house shakes for a bit, and just as it comes to a stop...

...A bird flies into the bathroom window.

I actually always thought that was a massive crack in the glass, like a branch smashed against the window or something, and only just now realized it's a bird.


Background Sound: None

The screen fades to black, and the most uncomfortable scene in the game finally comes to an end.

Alright, so I get that bathing culture is way different in Japan than in the west, and bathing with other people is completely ordinary over there. But this scene is just uncomfortable to watch, from Seiko pushing her brother to the floor and tickling him with the most suggestive animation you'll ever see, to the CG with the naked child in it.

But that's all behind us now. I consider this scene the absolute rock-bottom of the game, so it's all uphill from here. Let's move on to the next scene!

This is your last day at Kisaragi. Make sure you say your goodbyes and have a lot of fun with your friends, okay?
I will.
I'm so sorry about this. All because your father got transferred...
It's okay! I'll be fine.
I wish your father would've objected more strongly. But he said there was nothing he could do about it. And since you didn't object, either... *sigh* I swear, that man doesn't give this family any consideration. All he thinks about is work...
Uh-huh. Well, I've gotta run. Bye!

(I just want my mom and dad to get along...)

Background Sound: Opressive Hum

*gasp* I by myself? I crying...?
Shig, bro, you there? ...Ms. Yui? ...Shinozaki...?

So Mayu's nickname for Morishige is "Shige-nii." It's a combination of Morishige's name and "oniisan," which translates to "older brother," but can also be used to refer to a young man who's unrelated to you. They translated this as "Shig," but once in awhile a "Shig bro" slips in.

Or maybe Mayu picked up some new vernacular from some boys at school and means to say "Yo Shig! Bro, you there?"

...God... Where even is this?!

Mayu steps out of the corner and looks around.

*whimper* *whine* *wheeze* (Stop it! Stop it, Mayu! Don't succumb to panic! Take a deep breath, and try to think of a charm or something to get you through this!) *wheeze* *wheeze*
(That's it! Shinozaki's charm! The one we all did, so we'd be friends forever!)

(I was so sad to think that my time with everyone was over...but...I had it in my hand, I know I did!)
...This sucks... What happened after that?! *grumble* My in bad shape too... Why does stress always give me indigestion?!

Mayu sees something down the hall and quickly hides in the corner.

Sound Effect: Laughter

Two ghost children come down the hall and enter the infirmary.

What...were they? They went in that room...

Background Sound: None

Video: Chapter 4 Intro ends here. head... Wh-Where am I...?

Satoshi stands up and looks around.

...I' the main building...
Wake from one bad dream, and find myself in another... Dammit!

Music: Chapter 4's Theme

We start our exploration by heading north.

Video: Voices
This video covers the remainder of the update.


Satoshi turns around and takes a step south, but we immediately turn around and continue north, past Mayu's remains.

As we continue north, we hear Seiko's voice.


...Who's there? Who's speaking to me? I could swear that sounded like...

We continue north, into the stairwell.

Music: None

...Naomi! Hey! Are you all right?

As Satoshi approaches, Naomi fades away.

Wh...? Naomi...

And a pink cellphone comes flying down the stairs. It bounces off the wall beside Satoshi and lands on the floor nearby.

Sound Effect: Ring

Answer the phone?




Music: Chapter 4's Theme

H e l p   m e . . .

And a woman's voice begins to play.

*: Answer me! Please! Naomi! Please, just let me hear your voice! *sob* Please... Just say something! I'm your mom, Naomi! God, please...don't let anything have happened to her!

...Hello? Hello?!

H e l p   m e . . .

H e l p   m e . . .

What the hell?! This place needs to cut the crap already...
...I can't just leave it, though...

Sound Effect: Item

After picking up Naomi's phone, we continue to the third floor.

Music: None

Upon arriving, we head for the girls' lavatory.

And we follow the voices into the lavatory...