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Part 39: Chapter 5, Part 3

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

Ayumi and Yoshiki have returned to Heavenly Host. We're currently in a completely unfamiliar room.

There's nothing else to investigate in this room, so we head for the exit.

Along the way, we're stopped.

This is something I think Satoshi and the others may need. If you find them, please give it to them for me.

Sound Effect: Item

Uhh... Why don't you give it to them yourself?

There's another statue like it, though. A red one. If you find it, make sure he gets that one, too.
... The three of us are prepared for the challenges ahead, now that our tongues have been restored.

Also, remember, in order for Sachiko to feel remorse, you must appeal to her humanity. You must purify her soul. It's the only way.
My mind...has already come under attack. So the next time you see me...

Yuki vanishes.

Yeah. For now, let's just focus on finding Satoshi, Ms. Yui and the others. Though aside from Ms. Yui, the only other people we've seen so far are Suzumoto and Morishige... And we explored pretty much everywhere. You sure the others are even here?!
Well...think about it. Remember? The closed spaces? That first ghosts we saw told us all about them when we got here with Ms. Yui. Basically, anyone we can't find is probably in another version of the school. Which is why we never ran into them.
Is there something you failed to understand?

But, wait a minute. If that's the case, how the hell are we supposed to tell them about the murderer?! I mean, if we can't even find them...
Yuki just told us how! She said the closed spaces have started breaking down.

So come on, let's try searching for them again! Ms. Yui, and everyone else!
Okay! Got it!
...For real?
When I say I got it, I got it! ...Although...

...Then you kind have to ask yourself, who IS know?

I like that Yuki can't get close to Satoshi because Sachiko is following him around. Even the dead are afraid of her.

We exit the classroom...

Music: None

Maybe I can hide them under here...

But I can't wear them wet like that... It's gross! *whine*

uuuuuuuuuuugh why does this game insist on telling us that Yuka took her underwear off

Ungh... It's been nothing but earthquakes since we got here... I hope the school doesn't fall apart...

Yuka exits the bathroom.

*sob* *hic* *sob*

Yuka heads back towards the stairs.

...And Sachiko follows.

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

This...isn't the same school we were in before. It's a totally different Heavenly Host!
Yeah, and its creepy factor is through the roof. The chill in the air, the constant dark presence... It's all worse than ever.


We start exploring the new Heavenly Host by heading north.

We can't head west, but we can see there are things over there.

And east is a dead end as well. We head back to the classroom and head south instead.

Kagemi Yano Age: 16
Shibagami Private Senior High School, Class 1-A

Strangled to death.

After grabbing the name tag, we head down the nearby stairs.

And we arrive in the first floor's west hall. We head east.

Music: None

What is it?

Huh? Wh-Wha... Are you serious?!
You scrape your butt on a piece of broken wood or something? Looks kind of pai--


Ayumi takes a few steps away from Yoshiki.

God, does that boy have no sense of shame?! Dammit all...

I really don't want to meet up with Mochida or the others looking like THIS, though... Goddammit... GoddammitgoddammitgodDAMMIT!!

...? What's that?

Someone we know must be nearby!

No mistaking it. It's even still got the scrap of paper from the Sachiko charm!

Sound Effect: Item

Shinozaki, what the hell is taking you so long?! ...Hmm? Is that...someone's student ID?

Nakashima? Are you there?! If you are, please, answer me! ...
...Guess she's not THAT nearby...
Let's look for her. She can't be far!

Video: Fourteen Years Old
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: Home

Ack! That's hot! Yuka! Honestly! Who bites their sibling on the shoulder?! And why are you blowing air on me?!

Fourteen years old.

Oh, is it that late already? I'll be right down. Thanks!
But next time, how about TELLING me, rather than...doing whatever it is you just did?
No can do!

After doing...something...on Satoshi's bed, Yuka gets up and leaves the room.

Moooom! Big brother's on his way!
Heh... What a goofball.

Wait, the door to her room is inside of Satoshi's room? That's kind of unusual.

Music: None

Guess that was...just a dream... URK!! Owww... Oolgh, my throbbing... It's pitch black, too... What...happened? I remember there was a big earthquake...

(It's really some kind of...meat?!) What the hell am I...?!



Naomi! I'm so sorry! Please, don't misunderstand! I didn't mean it!
Satoshi... Is your head...okay...?
A beam fell on your head during the quake...and it started bleeding...

Uh, th-think nothing of it. And I'm fine! I'm not bleeding anymore, at least...
...You're not?


Amazing... I can't believe it worked. This is sure to get me the recognition I deserve! With this footage...with this film, the occult genre will be completely reborn!

Experiencing this place in the flesh should prove a sufficient enough muse to get the words flowing.

This is that tape you put in earlier, right?
Yeah... The camera didn't seem to work before, though. No power, no batteries...
Looks like research footage taken by whoever it was that brought it here.

"I don' die"? Wooow, crazy stuff!
Just be careful. We don't have a lot of data on this place yet. We have no idea what might happen here. It's best not to touch anything.
Ehh, you're no fun! With such deliciously dark scenery all around us, I have to at least take in our surroundings, you know?
I suppose you do...
Hooooo boy, do I ever! I just can't get enough! ...You think it was the right thing to do, though?

She ain't gonna be too pleased! She'll be all like "Why do you guys always do the fun stuff without me?!"
Heh... That sounds about right.
But this is different from our previous excursions. I can't justify putting her in danger like this.
Ehh, very true, but she's sure not gonna see it that way.

It...looks that way...
A dead body... An actual dead body! This is bad... Really, really bad. We gotta get out of here! Look at her uniform. It's from our era! It'! I'm sure this place accounts for a whole bunch of missing children reports...
And here they are, just rotting away! Aaaahh, what king of hell have we stumbled into?!
You're right. We're in danger here.

(...A way out...?)

What's wrong?!
I heard a voice...a child's voice! Children's voices!
Listen! Listen!! Can't you hear them?! Where the hell are they coming from?!

How many voices are there? Are they boys? Girls?

There! Right over there! Ahh! Hey, you! Wait! Stop! Hold u--

Are you all right?!
Oof... I'm really sorry. I stepped on something and...the camera! Is it all right?!
Seems to be.


...Dammit, the tape's almost full. Where'd he put our blanks?!

I wonder what this "way out" might be...
Just what it sounds like, I imagine. Unfortunately, the recording was a bit lacking in details... The reporter was looking for blank tapes, though, so there's probably a followup. After we rejoin with Yuka, let's make finding that a priority.
Yeah... Sounds like a plan to me. All right! For now, let's just see about getting to that second building...

Not exactly ideal, since it means we'll have to come back here to watch the next tape...