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Part 47: Chapter 5, Part 11

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

After investigating the secret passage in the principal's office, our control is automatically transferred to Ayumi and Yoshiki, and the pentagrams all vanish. We got Satoshi's party to where they need to be, and so we'll be playing as Team Awesome until the game decides otherwise.

First we head back into the reference room.

Video: 1953
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

What is it?!

Takamine disappears, leaving a book behind.

It's a scrapbook...of the murder case. Full of newspaper articles with photos.

Someone circled a photograph of one of the victims in red pen, and wrote in the name "Sachiko Shinozaki" below it.

This supposed to tell us something about her?
I dunno... Ah, look, there's another newspaper clipping in here. Seems like an older one.

That was almost sixty years ago!

[Tenjin Times]
Heavenly Host Elementary Loses Beloved Nurse

Eastern medicine, unlike its more popular western counterpart, often seeks to treat the mind and soul rather than the body. One of its most renowned local practitioners, Yoshie Shinozaki (27), was found dead after taking a spill down a flight of stairs and breaking her neck.

Recently serving as school nurse at Heavenly Host Elementary, it's there that the body was found. Through song and stories, she had transformed the school infirmary into a fun, invigorating place to be. No doubt, she will be greatly missed.

Many students were looking forward to an upcoming field trip with Mrs. Shinozaki, and have expressed deep regret at the cancellation of these plans. Though a great number of children are too young to fully understand what happened, there is a pervading sense of melancholy throughout the school this day.

(Could this have some relation to the Shinozaki estate Naho mentioned in her notes?)
Ah! Look! There's a related article on the same page! "Only Daughter of Deceased School Nurse Reported Missing." And there's a picture... AAH!!

Sachiko Shinozaki Reported Missing

The hell?!
It's the same girl! It's Sachiko! Exactly the same as in the photo from the murder incident twenty years later! The two photos are practically identical!
How is that possible? How can she exist in both eras?!
No matter how you look at it, it's definitely the same person. And whoever put together this scrapbook obviously made the connection too.
This is just getting weird...

We head out of the reference room.

Finished on the third floor, we head down to the second.

Ahh! Crap!
What is it?!
We have to hide! Now!

Yoshiki and Ayumi run straight back into the stairwell.

Damn... Come on, let's try going up! ...Glgh!
(I...! I can't move...and I can't speak... It's like I'm...completely paralyzed...)

Ayumi and Yoshiki are completely frozen on the stairs.

And a little girl in a white dress walks by them.

(Something seems...different about her, though...)

*: No! Get away from me!

A woman comes running down the stairs.

And Takamine chases her.

...And he pushes her.

Sound Effect: Splort

Aagh... Shinozaki, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to push you... Come on... Stand up!

Takamine takes a step closer to Sachiko.

(Come on... Move, dammit...) ...Ggghhhaaaaaahhh... Get away! Quickly!

Music: 1953

Sachiko runs down the stairs, and Takamine gives chase.

*pant* *wheeze* *whimper* *pant* *pant*
*wheeze* *wheeze*

Takamine chases Sachiko all through the school.

All the way down and around the school, ending up on the third floor.

*pant* *gasp* *wheeze* ...C'mere...

You saw everything, didn't you?


Suddenly, Takamine appears in front of Ayumi and Yoshiki.

You saw, didn't you?
Nnnnnnnnggghhh... Ghaaaaaahhhh...

Once again proving he's the most capable person in this entire school, Yoshiki breaks free of his paralysis.


Ayumi and Yoshiki take off down the stairs.

Music: None

*pant* *pant* *pant* Shinozaki... Wait...
*pant* *wheeze* *gasp* ...What is it?
We're not...being followed...
*pant* *pant* ...? he planning to do with her body?
He's hiding it, isn't he? According to that old newspaper article, the mother died in an accident...and the daughter was reported missing.
That's just...unconscionable...

I couldn't even venture a guess!
Remember that manuscript Mr. Kibiki was writing? The one Mochida told us about?

Do you think, maybe...?