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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 48: Chapter 5, Part 12

Music: Chapter 5's Second Theme

Heading south from the science lab on the second floor, we reach the bridge Satoshi activated a couple updates back.

Makoto Nagareyama Age: 17
Amazaki West Senior Private School, Class 2-2

Died of loneliness.

Loneliness and a gigantic bleeding head wound, from the look of it.

We head down the hall beside the lonely corpse.

...What's wrong?
There's something here...

There definitely is. Be very, very careful.

Music: None

Looks like we can't reach the end of the hall without heading into that doorway.

Video: ???
This video covers the remainder of the update.

A very mysterious room.

It's just an empty classroom. We head through the door to the east.

Just an ordinary classroom.

This room seems to be set up magic or witchcraft, or something...
How do you figure? I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Come on, we should keep moving. You said there was a presence out by the incinerator, right?

All right, let's go.
You go on ahead...

O...kay. But don't take too long.

Yoshiki exits the room.

...Huh...? What was that voice just now? I didn't say any of that...

Sound Effect: Thump

What? What is it?!

Am I trapped in here?! Open up! Come on!! Kishinuuumaaa!! Somebody, open the damned door!! Come on!! ...Please...

...! Shinozaki?!

Now I'm hearing Ms. Yui's voice...if this turns out to be a fake too, I'm really going to lose it...
What are you talking about? Come on, over here. There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.

I'm so sorry. It must have been terrifying in here all by yourself...
...? Oh, God... Ms. Yui, you're injured! Pretty severely, too, from the looks of it!

The room starts to shake, and Ayumi falls over.

(Ooogh... My in bad shape...)
...Shinozaki. Come on. Stand up. We're getting out of here.

Oh Jesus!



Ayumi starts to climb up Shishido's body.

(I...can't support both our weights with one arm for much longer... My fingers are...)
Hurry, Shinozaki! You'll fall in too!
I...I know!
(My fingers... I can't...hold on...)

Shishido reaches up with her mangled arm and uses it to help support their weight.

Aaahh! Ms. Yui! Ms. Yui!
Rrrrnnngghh... Come on... You're almost there...
*groan* *wheeze* *strain*

Sound Effect: Blam

Yoshiki busts down the door and runs into the room.

Grab her hand!

DO IT! And Kishinuma... Take care of Shinozaki!


You have abilities that can outmatch anyone else's. And once you get out of here, I know everything's going to work out just fine... You know...with that dream of yours we were talking about...
Now get the hell out of here!

*hic* *sob*

Ayumi and Yoshiki leave the classroom.

Shinozaki! Come on! We have to move!
Let go of me! I don't care anymore!

This is what she meant when she said, "Be strong," dammit!
*sniffle* *hic*

Ayumi and Yoshiki glance down at the end of the hallway.

...! Who...?
It's the principal...

Takamine vanishes into the incinerator.

What's...that? Looks like somebody threw something in there that's...very yellow.

You can see a yellow ribbon a few feet in, covered in soot.

I think it's...the ribbon from... (...from Sachiko's dress?) But it's...just out of reach...Hnng...

There's a blue flash


Wh-Whoa... It's...

Actually, look over there. There's a tiny pinprick of light. It might be a room or something.

Wait! Are you nuts?! This is an INCINERATOR! What if somebody lights it up while we're inside?!
Good point. ...Okay, you wait here, and I'll go by myself. Alley-oop...


No way! I'm coming with you!
Dammit... Well, be careful in here, okay? There are some pretty thick clumps of dust and ash that you'll get yourself caught on if you don't watch out.

(Damn. It's a tight squeeze in here. We've come pretty far, but it seems like we're still only about halfway... Maybe it's because the ceiling's so low that I can't even come close to standing up, but I've never felt this uneasy before in my life. If the exits all get blocked, I could wind up stuck in this position forever...Ahh, what the hell is wrong with me?! I shouldn't think about things like that!)

*cough* Never seen so much dust and ash before. We can't keep breathing this in...

Hey, you all right?
Just...pricked my hand a little. There's some kind of metal wire in here.
Good to know.



Keep going
Turn back


Sachiko: Stay away!

Sound Effect: Splort