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Part 54: Chapter 5, Wrong Endings

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 1

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 1

Music: Anatomical Model

When in the science lab, we activate the covered model.

The ending occurs when either it or Yoshikazu catches you.

Music: None

Let her go, you bastard!

The model smacks Yoshiki upside the head.

It then turns its attention to Yoshiki.

Gh-glgh... Nooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!!
Shinozaki!! Goddammned..

Yoshiki charges at the anatomical model.

And gets pushed away once again.

Yoshiki charges at the model again.

And he's back on the ground.

And he stands up again and charges again.

And he gets smacked.

*pant* *wheeze* *cough*

Shinozaki... Don't...worry... I'm going to save you.
You're just going to die! Look at you! You're bleeding, badly! This is an order from your class rep! Leave me!!
Oh, just shut it! Don't give me that crap!
I'm not Satoshi...

(Damn... If this keeps up, I'm a goner. There's gotta be some way...)


Anatomical Model: ...!


Yoshiki throws the gas burner at the model, incapacitating it and burning away its sheet.

And Yoshikazu loses interest for some reason.

You jerk... You dumbass!
Shinozaki... Heheh... Glad to see you're still in one piece.
You...stupid... Ugh! I hate you so much!

Sounds like a happy cry to me. Guess that means you're okay.
Don't die! Don't die, dammit!
All right, all right already! Just stop crying, Shinozaki. I want to see you smile.


Suddenly, the model stands up and pushes Ayumi to the side!

Ah! No...!
AAAAAAAGGGHHH!! Sh-Shino...zaki... Run! RUN!!

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 1 ends here.

Some speculate that the anatomical model is made from Kizami's body. It looks vaguely like him, his name tag is found right outside the science lab, and the key to the science lab -- which was last seen in his possession -- is found in there with him. The Corpse Party OVA confirms this, but I dunno if it's considered canon or not. I believe the game Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U also implies that Kizami and the Anatomical Model are one in the same.

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 3

This wrong end takes place right near the end of the chapter, immediately after Satoshi and Yuka meet up with Ayumi and Yoshiki.

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 3

Instead of pressing forward, we turn around and search for Naomi.

Naomi!! Where are you?!
*pant* *pant* ...Sure is dark in here... *gulp* *wheeze*
*pant* *pant* ...Ah!
*pant* *pant* *pant* ...What's wrong?

Over there! There's a person!
You're right! Is it Naomi? Naomi! Naomi, is that you?

...? Naomi...?

Sound Effect: Naomi


Sound Effect: Splort

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 3 ends here.

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 4

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 4

Music: Appeasal

While appeasing Sachiko, we give her the wrong items.


Offer [Naho's Notebook]?


Your mom's been suffering just as much as you have. The things you're doing aren't making her happy at all!

Offer [Black Cat Plushie]?


Offer [Mini-DV "Sin" Tape]?


Music: None

*pant* *pant* *pant* Wh-What happened?!
Doesn't something
Don't tell me...we failed...

Ayumi starts to giggle.

...! Shinozaki!

And she walks off the bottom of the screen.


Ayumi charges at Satoshi and stabs him in the back, probably with a pair of scissors.



Ayumi takes a step toward Yuka.

Also, Yoshiki is dying. Just because, I guess.

...! Yoshiki!

Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 4 ends here.

This wrong end occurs if you give Sachiko any combination of items other than [Sachiko's Tongue] and [Black Cat Plushie]. I like it the best if you give her the completely wrong items, because they're so confused about why giving her a notebook and a tape didn't appease her spirit.

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 5

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 5

Sound Effect: Bell

During the escape sequence, we allow time to run out.

Did we miss our chance?!


Music: Wrong End

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 5 ends here.

You get this wrong end if you run out of time during the escape, or if you chant to Sachiko the wrong number of times.

If you pay attention in the last scene where Yuki appears, after she says the school is creating a new Sachiko, her dress turns red as she disappears. It's actually surprisingly easy to miss when you're playing, and I only just noticed it when putting together this LP.

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 6

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 6
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: Bomb Shelter

We play up to this point without collecting all of Naho's notes. That means Ayumi and Yoshiki never confront Naho in the reference room, and Satoshi never goes into the infirmary (because Naho has the baby statue)

Most importantly, however, our group never learns that appeasing Sachiko is required for the escape plan to work.

Let's just find Nakashima and get the hell out of here!
Yeah. Sounds like a plan to me.

Naomi! Are you okay?!
*pant* *pant* You really had us worried! Good to see you're uninjured, at least... Did you...find Shinohara?

The longer we stay here, the more likely it is that our way out will be closed. I think we should just leave...while we can.
I don't...think we can bring Shinohara back with us. I wish we could...
If we don't hurry, we're gonna get attacked, and we'll all wind up as part of the school!
I hate to do it...but we really need to get out of here while we have the chance.

All right. Let's begin. Everyone, gather round.

Sachiko! We beg of you!!
Sachiko... We beg of you!
Sachiko! We beg of you!
Sachiko, we beg of you!
Sachiko, we beg of you...

Music: None

(Was I...asleep? This is my room...but I don't remember escaping from that school where everybody died... I was definitely there, though. I wish I could forget Shinohara's lifeless face, and Morishige's panicked voice... There's no way it was a dream!)

Breakfast! Breakfast, silly! If you don't come down, none of us can start eating!
Aah, okay. ...Actually...I think I'll skip breakfast this morning.
I'm...not especially hungry. I'm sure you can understand.
That's no excuse! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know!
Look, just leave me alone, okay?! You were there too. You saw...what happened yesterday...

...Yuka... Didn't you...?

Sound Effect: School Bell

You look pretty down! You okay?
I...uhh... Yeah...
I bet I know what it is... Your heart's just all aflutter because we got paired together for tending shop today! Am I right?!
Huh? ...What are you talking about?

Aaaahahahahaha... Lusty boy!
Am I...dreaming now? Or was everything else just a dream...?

Ah, good morning. Yeah, that looks like plenty!
Oooooooh! Top o' the mornin', you sexy beast!
Ha...haha... I guess it really was...just a nightmare...

Hoohoo! But when I see you all serious and focused like that, how can I resist?
Ehh...ahh...AHHH!! Stop!!
CUT IT OUT!! Geez...
Ahh! Come on, now. We need to get these bowls cleaned.

In fact...this is exactly how it was! It's...the same as my dream...the dream where we all got sent to Heavenly Host...

I have to put a stop to it!

Music: Recursion

Oooh, I'm surprised you've heard of that, Mochida. I was actually planning on telling you guys a ghost story about that place later tonight!
Satoooshi...? Don't tell me you've been slacking in your duties and daydreaming about some haunted school, now...
Awwww, bus-ted! Heeheehee...
Not like he's the only one who's been slacking though...Shig!
I haven't been slacking. I simply needed to go make copies of the script for drama club.
I dunno, Morishige, that sounds like an excuse to me...

Now, hold on reeeeeally tightly. Dig your nails into it if you have to -- just don't let go. We're going to pull it until it rips apart into eight pieces.

Mochida? What is it? Do you want in after all?
No, absolutely not! I just... This charm is dangerous! Why won't you understand?!
I gotta say, it is pretty unusual for you to get so worked up!
Heheh... Well, we're almost finished, so just sit tight, okay? It'll all be over soon...
(They're going to be whisked away to Heavenly Host! If I don't go too, Naomi...all of them will be in terrible danger!)

All right! Let's welcome one more into the circle!

Music: Wrong End

I like this wrong end, but a lot of people didn't find all of Naho's notes (which is understandable, a couple of them are in spots you have no reason to go to), and then saved in the underground bomb shelter and got stuck on the path to this ending. It's kind of unfortunate that you can save yourself into a wrong end like that, but I guess that's why they give you multiple save slots.

(I skipped Wrong End 2 on purpose, by the way.)