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Part 56: Chapter 5, Wrong Ending 2, Part 2

Music: Chapter 5's Theme

After the cutaway to Yuka and Kizami, we return focus to Ayumi.

We start by heading downstairs.

When we approach the point where Yoshiki would have pointed out the blood on Ayumi's skirt, Ayumi stops and looks around for a moment.

I'm scared... I'm scared... I'm scared! Why did I come back? And why did Kishinuma LET me come back? Shouldn't he have tried harder to stop me?! ...What the hell is wrong with me?!

What if I die here...for nothing...without ever seeing any of my friends again? *hic* *sob* *sniffle*

Ayumi stands up and takes a few steps forward.

Ayumi steps toward the object in front of her.

Someone we know must be nearby! I wonder whose it is...Ah, it's Nakashima's!
No mistaking it. It's even still got the scrap of paper from the Sachiko charm! Nakashima...must be really close!

... I should look for her. She can't be far!

Sound Effect: Item

Upon collecting Naomi's ID, the screen fades to black.

Video: Kizami and Mochida

Music: Dread

Good, good... Keep on shining for me! You're beautiful! You're stunning!
*gasp* *wheeze*
Try this, Yuka. Think about your favorite food and your favorite drink...your favorite books and TV shows...
*gasp* *pant* *wheeze*
How does it make you feel?

Once you die, that's it. Everything stops. Everything ends. These are your final moments. Death is upon you. Heh...haha... You're going to die!

Kizami prepares to begin the show, but suddenly...

Yoshikazu bursts into the room!


*pant* *pant* *wheeze*

Are to save me...?

Yoshikazu: Oogh...ooouagh...

Yoshikazu steps away from Yuka.

Uhh...ummm... Th-Thanks...


Yoshikazu charges at Yuka, and the screen cuts to black.

Video: Kizami and Mochida ends here.

Music: None

Like in the proper events of the chapter, we cut back to Satoshi here. The scene is completely unchanged. He and Naomi were just knocked unconscious in an earthquake. The two of them wake up, and the nearby TV cuts on, showing them footage of Kibiki's. After the tape ends, Satoshi and Naomi head out of the custodian's closet to look for a continuation.

Naomi brushes the splinters from Satoshi's back, and we cut to Ayumi.

We head east from where the game starts us.

I guess the closed spaced really have started to break down! *cry* *sniffle* Mochidaaaa!!

Shinozaki! You're all right!
...What...are you doing?
Huh? I...uh...
Class rep! I'm glad to see you're okay!
Th-Thanks. Same to you.

From here, the scene plays out as usual, albeit with no references to Yoshiki.

The three of them exchange information. Satoshi and Naomi are informed of Mayu's death, while Ayumi is informed of Seiko's. Ayumi tells Satoshi and Naomi about the truth behind the Heavenly Host murders, and Satoshi and Naomi tell Ayumi about the tape and its potential to provide an escape route. Ayumi and Naomi get into a fight over whether to leave or to appease Sachiko and put an end to Heavenly Host. Eventually, they agree to split up, with Satoshi and Naomi looking for Yuka and more of Kibiki's tapes, and with Ayumi looking for Ms. Shishido.



Ayumi turns and leaves.

What the hell... Dammit all... Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!
*whine* *sob*
Why am I so stupid?! I'm sure even Mochida was freaked out by that last comment...
But goddammit, how was I supposed to react?!
*pant* *wheeze*

Ayumi sits against the wall.

I didn't even give Nakashima back her student ID...or the paper scrap inside. *sigh* I'm a crappy class rep. Guess I can just give them back to her later, though... But really, she's right. Even if we did track down Sachiko, I don't have the slightest idea how we could possibly elicit any remorse from her. I guess I'll try to find Ms. Yui...and then even if we have to use that "way out"...let's get the hell out of here. All of us, together.

As the scene comes to an end, the pentagrams appear and we're given an explanation on party switching. We immediately switch to Satoshi.

Things continue as usual for a bit. Satoshi and Naomi head into the second wing, they find Kurosaki's body and Yuka's shoes, and then find Morishige's phone and watch the video of his final moments. The only difference is that there's no cutaway to Yuka after finding her shoes.

After collecting Morishige's phone, we head back to the entranceway.

Music: Chapter 5 Annex

Yuka isn't waiting for us.

If we had successfully evaded Kizami but then chose to stay behind as Yoshiki, Yuka still wouldn't appear here. The only real impact being caught by Kizami has is the added scenes of him and her in the science lab.

Sound Effect: Item

We pick up the tape and head back to the Custodian's Closet to watch it.

The tape contains a recording of Kibiki's death, and also describes the method to escape Heavenly Host: put your paper scraps together and chant "Sachiko, we beg of you" once for every participant, and then once more for Sachiko.

We check out the closet and find Kibiki's and Naho's corpses, then climb over them and head through the secret door in the back of the closet.

We come upon a ladder, which leads up to the girls' lavatory. All the scenes are the same, but without any of Yuka's dialog.

Music: None

Calm down, Naomi. We'll find it. We just have to keep our eyes open.
O-Okay, but...I swear, I...I definitely...definitely had it in my skirt pocket. I remember it clearly! I showed it to Seiko and everything, but... It's gone! It's just...gone! The hell is wrong with me?!
If we can't find it...then...I can't go home...
There's no need to worry. You had it earlier, right? It must be somewhere in here. I'm sure we'll find it along the way.
But...what if we don't?! Then I'll be left behind... Just me, all by myself here... *whimper*
You definitely don't need to worry about that. I would never leave this place without you.

Video: Student ID
This video covers the remainder of the update.

*hic* *sob*

Ayumi approaches from the west.

Didn't you hear what I said to you? Do I have to spell it out?
Class rep...

Shinozaki! Glad to see you're still all right. Did you find Ms. Yui?
I did not.
That's too bad. We...well, we found Morishige, was too late...
Ah, but...we did learn something!

Hey, Na-ka-shiii-ma?
What? What is it?! What's your problem?!

Ahhh... Ahhh! It's... It's my...!
It is indeed your student ID. The Sachiko paper scrap is safe and sound, too. See?
Shinozaki, you're a lifesaver! Where did you find it?!
Class rep... Thank you... Thank you so much! I was so worried when I couldn't find it... I was afraid I'd never be able to go back home...that I'd be trapped here forever!

Under these circumstances, this is, essentially, your life... This tiny, insignificant scrap of paper is your only real hope of surviving.

Oh, how clumsy of me... I seem to have dropped it.

Pl-Please! This isn't funny! Just give it back!
FUNNY?! It's not a joke! If this is really that important to you...then you get down on your knees and you BEG for it! Why the hell are you just standing there staring at me like an idiot, anyway?!
Hey...Shinozaki... What's gotten into you?!
Not gonna do it? Guess you mustn't want it all that badly after all. Hmmm...

Say it right. "Please, I beg of you. Do me the honor of returning my student ID!"
Guess it's not worth that much to you. Maybe I'll just burn it, then. *click*

Getting closer. Getting closer! Do I burn it, or do I spare it? That is the question...


Aaaahahaha! Look at it burn! Nakashima's lifeline is burning...buuurniiing...

*cackle* ...aaaaand, it's gone. Heehee.

Fire safety. Gotta stomp out the embers, you know?
Shinozaki! What the hell is wrong with you?!

And can just go off somewhere and disappear! Heehee!

Ayumi turns around and leaves.

Naomi, it's okay. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

I finally put Nakashima in her place!
Ahhhhh... Feels soooo good...

Oh my God, that scream...that scream of utter helplessness! Thinking about it just makes me so giddy! AHAHAHAHAHA!!

*cough* *cough* *pant* *pant* *pant*

Don't give a crap what happens to Nakashima, but I do still have to find Ms. Yui... Guess I should look around a bit more.