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Crusader Kings 2

by Thanqol

Part 6: Rage

Dear Diary:

Oh boy! Dad left the country in amazing shape! I'm just about ready to go to war for my independence! I can't wait to be a Duke, and be respected, and have a huge castle! It's going to be great!

Dear Diary:

That guy in the robe keeps telling me that the guy in the helmet is plotting to kill some girl I don't know. I'm going to go find this girl and see what all the fuss is about.



Yeah, I told him to knock it off.

Dear Diary:

The amazing plan worked! Torgis the heretic is now my Duke! The time for war is almost upon us! Dad was so smart.

Uh. Robe guy is telling me that he's trying to frame me for treason. I'd better act fast or he'll be able to kill us all and get away with it.

Okay, I just need to wait for the right moment -

- like for him to immediately declare war on his neighbour -

And I'm good to go! Oh, this is going to be the best war ever! I'm even contracting the Grand Company again, like my grandmother did! I can't wait to be a duke!

Dear Diary:

Wow, the King appointed me Steward before the war even ended! And then it ended, with the Grand Company kicking the Duke's army to pieces and bringing him to me in chains! I told him that he was a heretic and a sinner and that his plan to frame me in front of the King had failed and I was going to be ten times the Duke he was. And then I laughed at him and made him end the war and declare victory for me and it was the best day ever.

Dear Diary:

Today there's a new king! He's way better than the old king.

He immediately made me Steward and made me Seneschal and I'm sure he's going to make me a Duke and we're going to be best friends!

The remainder of the diary consists of furious ranting and cost/benefit analysis diagrams of escape tunnels