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Part 14: World Update

Mirdini posted:

Can I request a snapshot of said badass?

(Also those were some pretty sick beats, )

Sure, I'll include screencaps of all the world's current monarchs while I'm at it.

They're all 1980x1060 so I'm going to post 'em as direct links rather than embeds.

Norway: Been relatively stable after kicking our asses.

Sweden: Constant expansionism through Lithuania. Gavelkind made them split with Finland briefly but they invaded it to take it back.

Poland: Been tanking the heathens for Swedish expansion.

Holy Roman Empire: Huh, I married my firstborn daughter to that guy and she's dead somehow. Good thing I -also- married my son and heir to that guy's sister, so the alliance is still good.

Hungary: has been Cathar since about 1100 and it's been hilarious. I'm amazed they're still around.

Venice: That was a nice country Croatia had there, shame that something happened to it.

Byzantine Empire: Surviving a Crusade can still fuck you up pretty bad. Currently defending against constant holy wars from Rum.

Sicily: Never did anything with itself.

France: Those aren't current revolts, those are all independent states. They've done a pretty good job of holding onto both French and English crowns, recently destroying the major contender, the Duke of York.

Navarra: Did a bit better than it usually does in this game.

Scotland: Don't fuck with this guy.

Seljuk Turks: Look pretty well positioned for when the Ilkhanate shows up. 55% decadence though, ouch.

Fatmids: Basically invincible.

Papacy: Believe it or not, this shitbag is possibly the nicest pope we've had for 80 years.

Catholic MA is at 60%. Lots of heresies out there. Multiple failed crusades ain't helping.