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by Roar

Part 23

What happened after that fateful moment? Well, friends, it's difficult to say. See, most of our records have since been lost over time, and it's nearly impossible to get a real accurate description of what happened with Bowie and Mesia. All I can do is provide the most widely accepted explanation of what happened on that fateful day in 20xx.

An artist's depiction of the events...

The world was never the same after the tower fell...

Leaf was declared uninhabitable after a mysterious fire broke out near Bowie's cave. No survivors have been found.

Brynmaer and the Amazons settled their differences and formed a whole new town, Amazaer.

Protoa's mountain water industry boomed, and the kingdom is now thinking of expansion.

Oak is run by dwarves. Not much changed there.

Joel started an amazingly successful fishing business. They are now the second richest city in the world.

Goa broke apart into various factions - those who sided with the emperor and those who sided with anarchy. The city is now under martial law. Gangs run the place.

Sahara was forgotten, figuring that it's in a cave in the desert. Lack of reproductive mates and inbreeding drove the city into the ground.

As for our heroes, Bowie and Mesia were able to live out their lives in peace.


You might be wondering, "what the fuck". Well, that's what I was thinking too when my fucking laptop shitted out on me. I had about fifty actual screenshots that I was getting ready to post for the final update, and then suddenly windows isn't accessable.

Amazing how that works. Fortunately, I had a little assistance...

Thanks, Blake. Couldn't have finished it without you.

It's finally over and now I can stop thinking of how to end this, even if it did suck. Trainwrecks can happen anywhere in a thread, I guess. Thanks for reading. This really is a good game. Don't let me deter you from it.