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Original Thread: Let's play Crystalis and save the world before October!


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This is Roar and I was going to turn this into one of those huge, serious, narrator-is-so-goddamn-into-it-that-it's-almost-anticlimactic LPs, but then I realized I don't have the patience to stay in character like that throughout the whole thing. It wouldn't be fun for me and it sure as hell wouldn't be fun for you. So, I've decided to bring it to you like it is: Crystalis, my first real RPG.

Crystalis is the sort of game that everyone should have grown up with: convuluted plot that makes no damn sense to a nine-year-old but you get to hit shit with your sword so who cares? Besides, there's telepathy. And you get to talk to rabbits. More on that later, though, might as well get through the opening sequence.
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