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by Roar

Part 6

Before taking on this monster that the dwarves were talking about, Bowie decides to use his new swords to slash those mushrooms that dinged us so many times before. They get one hit now. :

After a restoration at the dwarf village, he went out to an open clearing...

Tick Tick Tick
No game sound this video. Maybe next time. Instead, you get music from Do You Like Horny Bunnies? Also, at 41 seconds is the antivirus update popping up out of the fucking blue.

Got ma a new ball! The fire sword is even more awesome now.

And since the dwarves apparently have the quickest messenging system ever, they already know that I defeated the tick by the time I got back to town.

[] You're welcome, fuckstain.

[] Yay! New item. Give please.

[] wait what where's this precious item you're supposed to giving me

[] wait a minute you don't mean the fire sword do you? That was a gift BEFORE I killed the tick. The hell. I hate you guys. but not as much as I hate those fuckers at leaf. Compared to them you guys are top knotch.

This is Telepathy. If anyone has any doubts on how goddamn useless this spell is most of the time, here is proof.

Yeah. There you go. Kind of interesting, but completely useless and a waste of precious MP.

Well, the dwarves said something about people training. I wasn't paying too much attention, so I decided to go check on the only people I know who have anything to do with training...Baldy.

They said in town that there was an entrance to Mt. Sabre to the south...

So away we go!

So this is Mt. Sabre. It's pretty col wait what the hell is that?

oh christ.

So this is Mt. Sabre. Zombie bird things...

And collections of moving rocks are the first enemies to meet me. They give pretty decent exp for my level.



Our prize for finally breaking through a wall of solid ice?

Spidereyes! They cast poison, the fuckers.

Also, new dragons. They poison too.

A few turns of the path later...

And we come upon this guy, who's pretty cool in person but is a total useless dickshit on telepathy. I suspect he's the kind of guy that you enjoy bowling with but you have to put with him text messaging you all the time with leetspeak and him sending you forwards about the nine things in life he learned from baby ducks.

Oh yeah. Forgot about that. We'll be back.

Magic restoring.

And now - the only real use for the rabbit boots that I'm aware of.

bounce bounce bounce bounce

Way to go. Now I have no other use for these that I know of.

Now across the bridge that teased me before on the slide down...

Up through an ice wall to find...

Now the Sword of Wind is so awesome. It's a shame I won't be using it very often.

Back to the Sword of Fire for some soon to be needed grinding. No more in this level, though. 3500 tnl? That's about 300 or so of these motherfucking zombie birds.

Here's a picture of the bracelet by the way. Awesome. Bye.

And as I blow the shit out of an ice wall that I thought led me to the exit...

[] in the blue fuck? This is geographically impossible. Hey again, completely useless important person. Teach me some magic. Also, could you let me know what my mission is supposed to be? I'm still kind of curious about that.

Yeah, I'll do that right away.

I've got presents to collect.

[] I am totally going to use this right away!

[] oh nm.

Plan B: Warp boots. Let's go check out what awesome sorrow has befallen those shitwastes.

wrr rrr rrr rrr

What a disgusting hovel.

Wait a sec, where did everyone go?

Even the crazy money lady disappeared.

Not even the shopkeeps are around.


[] This is totally the best day ever. I'm outta this shithole.