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by Roar

Part 5


Frustrated with the little dog-elf people's refusing to understand him, Bowie decides to take out his aggression on the local wildlife.

...and these guys still are dingers.

I decide to go check out that bald dude's house again (because I have nowhere else to go), but now there's someone new for me to talk to!

And for no reason that I can think of, he makes me fight bald-head.

[] wait what hold on

[] god give me a chance to prepare you cheap shit

Improper use of comma, Stom.

This went on for about two minutes, back on forth, up and down along the house. This is a lot harder to do on a keyboard than it is on a controller. My hand literally ached after this scene.

I finally shove the hairless wonder against the back wall after a handcrippling session.

A fun, but combat-useless spell. I forgot to screenshot it, but it basically lets you talk to any of the four guides at any time. Mostly, depending on where you are in the game, it will say things like "hey make sure you don't die" or "come visit me in fiegeginburg if you can ever find it". If I ever get something useful out of telepathy, I'll let you know.

I trek my way back through the poison swamp to find that I can talk to the dog things now!

...and apparently they hate me.


This is a lesson in discrimination. What the hell did I ever do to them?

Strangely enough, though, I still like this town better than Leaf. Leaf is still shit and I would rather have these dog things rip off my stones and feed them to me than be forced to go to Leaf for one more fucking second.

One of the residents seems to forget that I'm a huge idiot human and asks me whether or not I've seen its loinspawn. Of course I haven't, I've combed the whole damn swamp eight times over grinding levels, I would have noticed a little shithead running around hating me because I'm tall and smelly.

Oh wait, there he is. Yay for event conditions.

[] Why would you talk to me? I'm a human. I eat baby rabbits for breakfast.

Fortunately, because he is oblivious to the racial problems that surround his culture, he follows me through the swamp back to the village. I don't pretend to understand this. These dograbbit creatures live next to the swamp, don't you think they'd at least have a basic knowledge of the area? After all, it's not like the little tyke was that far away. He was literally a turn or two from the village.

Upon returning to town, the little brat runs like holy hell. Maybe he IS a human-hater. Jes' like his momma.

Oh okay he just wanted to be with his mother. I guess I can understand that.

Besides, I get presents.

Now that I've saved the brat's life, the rest of the town decides that it's okay to talk to me. Even the mayor.

[] What the hell? I thought I was a stinky, rotten human. You spit on me on my way out the last time. You better have a damned important problem to bug me with it, racist.

oh, they're dwarves? okay whatever.

Totally the best sword in the game after the thunder sword, which we get so damned later it hardly counts.

And that's the rest of the update I meant to post last night. Next time: Dwarf-Eating Monster (which is a good name for a band)