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by Roar

Part 4


Before we begin, I'd like to tell everyone how much it fucking sucks when you lose your main save file and end up restarting from the first field with 60 exp till level 3. That really, really sucks and I hate that.

So, an hour later...

We arrive at this random town south of the cave. Besides the purple bricks, it seems normal enough.

Apparently it's noisy though.

[] Hey, this guy introduced himself and doesn't view me as his personal hero! He's the first person I've met that hasn't sucked!

I don't know about GRAND maze, and the plants aren't really poisonous, but the rest of it's correct.

So do they get attacked by the plants? If so, why do they live there? You'd think they'd be safer outside of the deadly place.

[] Thank you for that, but I'll hold on Mt. Sabre for now. What I really neeed -

is a drink.

[] Okay bye?

Didn't he hear the lady outside? Mt. Sabre is very dangerous!

Well, good luck to him.

We meet our first enemy in this strange new land, and go to attack...

and get our first cling. We get cling noises when we're not strong enough to beat the enemy yet. No matter how many times I attack the damn thing, all it's going to do is sit there and bounce back with a ding sign. We'll probably be hearing this a couple of times through our journey.

So after a little level grinding,

I go find this dude inside of a house.

And I finally learn the name of the town down south.

On our way back, we stop to take a leak near the river...

and piss on this statue. Akahana will be so pleased!

All this dude does is help us, then run away. ): Oh well, onto the forest!

Where I immediately lose life thanks to the noxious air gah hold on

okay that's better.

There are three types of monster in the forest -

On this screen there's a rolly polly thing that moves - torpedos around. The pink flower shoots harmful dust on you.

There's also this flying thing that dings me every time.

Eventually, I come across this village -

Where no one talks to me.

Not a single person...

Not even the mayor. No one understands me. ):

That's it for today...I have more, but I am falling asleep like hell and I don't want to suck thanks to that. I want it to suck for a good reason. >:|