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Part 14


I actually had a lot of fun killing those guys. I'd just run around and dodge their arrows until I had five or six of them on screen, then I'd kill them all in one shot with a level 3 water sword attack. It helped that the game would slow down ridiculously while I was doing it.

 I actually do that in the next update with some other enemies. 


Pysche. Before we go to Goa, we've got a little sidequest to finish.

Remember these ladies? They have exciting new things to tell me now that I have a vagina.

[1] Please stay as long as you like.
[2] Our hunting skills are even better than a man's.
[3] Aryllis is into fashion. She is looking for the Kirisa Plant to make some perfume.
[Guard] We take care of Aryllis. She is good at hunting but fashion is more important.

As for the leader...

[Guards] The Kirisa Plant blooms in a cave near Portoa.

Well, I'll be nice and go get her the Kirisa Plant!

Wait, we've been to this cave already.

Ah, here we go.

These are the only two pictures that I took of this cave. Just imagine every other cave I've been in so far, and you've got the Kirisa Plant cave.

At the end of the cave, we arrive at this field. It's the prettiest area in the game. It's all green and pretty.

[] Why hello there giant bug. I hope you don't mind me being here.

[] Balls.

[] Fuck this pretty place. I've got what I came to get.

Back at the Amazons...

[] Thank you for this wonderful bow.

With that all out of the way, we headed off to Goa.

[] This is the fortress of Goa.
[2] I hear there's a tower with enough power to destroy the world.
[] I heard that Draygonia's best four warriors left for Shyron. The wise men will die for sure.
[2] The Emperor is looking for a tower which floats high in the sky.

[] wn: That is contradictory, you are confusing.

Basically, these people are telling me that the floating tower is a floating death machine, which is completely contradictory to what the opening sequence was saying. It said that the flying tower was made to prevent another major disaster, didn't it? Am I missing something?

Also oh shit the wise men are going to die?? I'd better do something about that.

But first I must talk to everyone.

[] oh shit sorry. Wait, Kensu. Never mind, fuck you don't tell me what to do I am motherfucking Bowie you asshole. Screw you, I'm going north instead.

Projectile shooting statues. Well, I've seen stranger things. I was almost eaten by a giant tick a few days ago.

They are no match for the barrier spell that Asina gave me.

Oh great. What the hell is this? A giant steel wall face is shooting red turds at me.

Seeing no way past this guy, I reluctantly decided to heed Kensu's advice.

Oh shit, wrong way.

Ah, here we are. Ice bridge over the river of lava (which, theoretically, should immediately melt??)...

And we arrive at these dudes. Hey guys, sup?

[] Wow, the only people in the world that have no idea who I am and it's at a time when it most inconveniences me.

[] Fine, I'll just trick you idiots.

[] That is very nice of you, thank you.

[] Um guys I can't get past you can you just move a little or something?

fine I'll just leave and come back you bugged assholes.

Next time: Shyron Fort!