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by Roar

Part 21

Alright, enough playing around. I'm going to shoot these bitches right in their fucking eyes.

Booya. And mixed with the Bow of Sun we found in Mt. Hydra...

We finally get an entrance.

Que Pyramid pt.2. Four floors of constant enemies, all of which either poison or paralyze in some form or another. Four floors of dead ends, spikes and spiders.

This enemy is new, though.

It shoots this shit at us. What does this shit do, dare you ask?

Yeah. I avoided them as much as possible.


I aint wasting my mp on flight.

Check out the top of the screen. The platforms crumble now, because that's just the way they roll I guess.

And up the path, we find the Emperor. After about two seconds, though, I realized that I'm an idiot and couldn't hurt the motherfucker unless I had the Power Ring. So I had to go back down the stupid Pyramid, get the fucking ring, and come back up the stupid pyramid. Pissed me off to high hell. Didn't bother to document any of that since all it is is going back to the Oasis cave and randomly searching hallways until I found the Power Ring.

So instead, I bring you Draygon, Part 2!

So, for some reason that is never explained, Davy Jones is lying on the ground surrounded by Wisemen. It's really starting to piss me off that they can teleport wherever the hell they want and they still want me to walk everywhere. Why don't they just teleport themselves straight to hell? That's what I say. Well, not Asina. She can teleport right onto my

[] Yes please do, because this shit is crazy. For real. Why are you on the floor?

[] The fuck? You're kind of bouncing back and forth here.

[] Um, do I still need to be here? I avenged Stom and Akahana. I kind of would like to go and forget about this weird shit.

[] Don't lump me in with your sobfest. I didn't care about him one way or another.

[] ...shit. Mesia? Why the hell are you on the tower? Can't you just come down here? I really don't want to go there...

[] Fine, I'll come and drag you back to Earth. Seriously, you owe me head or something. God.

Next time: CastleTower in the Sky!