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Part 60: Super High-school Level Update #53

A lot of you voted for Ishi{maru/da}. I guess it's worth a try, so let's seek him out.

Oh...! Is there anything you want with me...?

Too bad!! There's nothing I want from you, you bastard!

I...I think it's probably best to leave him alone for now...

I don't think he's in any shape to hang out with other people. Let's go pursue plan B.

This place feels... wrong.

Should I spend time with Oogami-san?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

Are you saying you want to join my training session?
Very well. Prepare yourself.

I was given a difficult training session from Oogami-san.

I feel I became a little stronger.

I feel we became a little closer...

Should I give her a present?

Give / Do not give

I have the perfect thing

Ration: A meal for the battlefield comprised of canned goods and preserved food. It tastes great, and is also a favorite dish of the desert snake.

There is really no need to worry about me so much.

She seems a little happy...?

Naegi. As long as we are here, let us talk a little longer.
In that case... I do have something I want to ask...

...What is it?
It's about what we talked about before. Didn't you say there was a person stronger than you...?

Is it... a man? A woman?

...It is a man.

A man Oogami-san must overcome...

Maybe... it's her master? If that's who it is, it must be...

She herself / Her father / Her grandfather

...That's right. Isn't the person you must overcome your father?

My clan has been operating a dojo... for more than three hundred years.
300 years... That's a remarkable history...

That was the clan I was born into, as an only daughter.
Being male or female does not matter. It is my duty to protect our history.
Furthermore, it is exactly because I am a woman that I must become stronger than any man.

"The title of the strongest person on earth can never be given to a woman"... Silencing the people who think that way requires an overwhelming strength.
That is why I have dedicated my entire life to training, studying with my father as a master...
It is as you say... It was my goal to become better than him.

But that was back then...
...Back then?

It was when I was fourteen years old. The first time I won against him in a kumite match.

Kumite is a section of Karate training.

After that, I never lost to him again.!

I have already surpassed my father.
I... I see...

Nevertheless, I feel I may have done a shameful thing. My father was also after the title of the strongest person on earth.
But that cannot stop me moving forward. I must always continue my path to become the strongest.
It is my fate...
...Let us end our discussion here. It was fun. I will see you later.

Oogami-san went away, leaving those words behind.

...Wait. Huh?

She didn't talk about that person who's stronger than her...

Could she have been... evading the subject?

We get a skill: Abdominal breathing technique: During the school trial, our concentration gauge recovers faster.

After parting with Oogami-san, I returned to my room.

There's still time today...

I can't let myself idle around. Let's go somewhere...


It sure is an extraordinary school, coming up with this kind of event, 'right?
Don't you think so too, Naegi-chi?

I think the sequence code is a little broken here - those lines fit better in the first chapter than at this point in the game.

Should I spend time with Hagakure-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

Let's go to the cafeteria and drink tea or something. I'll tell you about my recommended power spots.

I learned about recommended power spots from Hagakure-kun.

I feel we became a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

War-god charm: An amulet engraved with the name of the god of military art, Kashima Daimyoujin.

That's one of the many, many beings in Japanese mythology. Like most, he's known by several names.

Whoa, Naegi-chi! You know what I like! I'll gladly take that off your hands!

Thank god. It seems he's happy with this present.

Hey, Naegi-chi... I've been thinking.
I think me and you meeting is more than a simple coincidence, 'right?

Therefore, I have some good news for you! I'm kindly giving you a super discount for a spiritual reading!!
...Super discount?

I usually take 100000 yen for a 2 hour consultation, but I'm making it 90000 yen just for you!!
I'm only getting a 10000 yen discount!? I mean, it's still way too expensive!!

100000 yen is about 1200 dollars today. For those of you who are bad at math, that means a 10000 yen discount amounts to about 120 dollars.

Hey, hey... getting a reading from a "Super High-school Level Fortune Teller" is something you should be grateful for.
...Are you really that good?

I am! No matter what the subject is, my predictions precisely hit the mark 20% of the time!

20%... That's not much of a figure...

Hey, don't give me that face...! Didn't you hear what I just said?
No matter what the subject is, 20% of the time I get things right precisely, 'right?
It can be about natural disasters or traffic accidents or the results of sport matches. Anything!!
Don't you get how amazing that is!?

I get it! Well, let me give you a taste of my power!!
That is to say, I already have a prediction in place!!
Eh!? When did you find the time!?

Heh heh heh... I can see a surprising future for you...
Your child and my child... will share the same mother!!
No! I will never allow it!!

Your preferences are not relevant to this discussion. This is fortune-telling, after all.
...with a %20 accuracy?


Please, let this be a mistaken reading!! Please, god!!

By the way, today's sample reading doesn't apply for the special discount.
Please transfer 100000 yen to my account! I don't mind if it's after we leave this place!!
W...wait a second...!
I mean, what if it doesn't come true?!

...What does that have to do with anything? You got a reading, didn't you?
Whatever the results are, that costs money!

Ahaha! Go on and think about it! Whenever you want another reading, just let me know!!

He went away... but...

I wonder if I can afford another reading...

...What am I thinking?! I'm not going to pay him!!

That was dangerous... I almost fell for his trap. But more importantly...

Please don't let that prediction come true. I'll do anything...

One more skill. Long Thinking: During the school trial, we get a longer time limit.

After parting with Hagakure-kun, I returned to my room.

*Ding dong ding dong*

Ehhh.... This is a school announcement. It is now 10pm.
Night Time begins now.
The cafeteria’s doors will be locked shortly. You are forbidden to enter it.
Well then, good night. I wish you all have pleasant dreams...

It's already Night Time... I guess I'll go to bed now...


Happy new day!
I am an advocate of celebrating not just the new year, but every single new day.
That way, every single day is blessed.
Today is no difference! Happy new day!