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Part 22: Muska Lacka and Sun & Moon Temple Part 4

A quick run around of the village finds a few more defense-raising items (Scorpion Jerky for Ungaga), and then it's time for the dungeon again.

On Floor 16, we finally get Chief Bonka, and on Floor 17, we finish up our Atla collection.

Gron is the voice of reason in this game.

Now to deal with the last few people of the village.

Enga is the former chief, his position handed over to Bonka when he was bested in combat. Completing his home gets us a Buster Sword that we don't need, and he becomes our storage bin for this area.

Toto is a young boy who lives with a golem named Gosuke. No family or anything. Just a boy and his golem.

In the event for Toto's home, Gosuke starts to die. It turns out he was created by our father, Aga, and used to house a treasure to be given to Toan upon his arrival. The treasure? Another sword we don't need. Uh, sorry I killed your friend for no reason, kid. Maybe Gron will take you in.

Finally, we'll deal with the Chief.

She won't even talk to us until we complete her home (a Mini Totem Pole and two Cabins).

THEN she won't talk to us until night time. Fucking bitch.

Finally, we get our meeting with Bonka. She tells us that the Signets we need to open the last chamber of the temple are both in the village; Enga and Zabo each have one.

She also fills us in on the tradition of the Pole Guardians. There are three totem poles to reassemble and place back in the village, and each has three faces on them. These faces correspond with the totem faces in front of each building.

Our job is to set up the totems and each building so that the matching heads are facing each other. She also wants her home near the entrance to the temple. It's harder than it seems, but here's what I came up with.

With that completed, we get a Diamond, as well as a new weapon for Ungaga - The Mirage. With the village completed and the Signets picked up, it's time to face the boss.

The King's Curse, is pretty easy. He can attack in his smoke body form, but he usually just turns into a ball of smoke and chases us endlessly. The hardest part is to get enough distance between him and Ungaga so you can use his spinning attack to remove the smoke. With that done, Toan can run in and hit the coffin. Two hits later, bitch is dead.

And a new path opens.

And here it is! The Moon Ship! Which means... WE GET TO GO TO THE FUCKING MOON FINALLY!

Our last "Duel" of the game has us jumping platforms to get on the ship as the temple breaks apart and the ship starts to ascend.

Theo looks on from Brownboo Village. Then removes his hood.


No, seriously. WHAT?