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Part 23: Yellow Drops and Moon Sea Part 1

No. Seriously. WHAT?!

OK, so here we are, on a moon inhabited by talking bunnies. I don't know how to feel about this.

The Mayor isn't around right now, so Samba intends to show us around. That is, until he gets a call from his girlfriend on his cell phone.

I'm not even fucking joking here.

So we're on our own to explore the city. Homes and shops are located at the end of pathways that branch off from a huge dome in the center or the town.

But before we go much farther, we stop and talk to Marnia. It collects old shit, and we have an old clay doll. Marnia freaks out and trades us a Sun gem, thus ending our trading chain. The Sun gem gives +10 to all elemental attributes and +3 to each enemy effectiveness.

There's not much to do here, so after raiding chests, we head into the big building.

OK, so it's some kind of factory. Eh, they probably just make... whatever the hell it is bunnies need.

Ledan here says if we want to learn about sealing the genie up, we should probably talk to the boss, who is out in the Moon Sea, the dungeon area for this part of the game.

Getting from floor to floor uses cannons, which you load with Gun Powder to fire. That would have made more sense in the Shipwreck level. This game's just getting silly now.

The Moon Sea's one of the less-interesting areas of the game, made even worse by the amount of rehashed enemies.

The Moon Bug is a combination of Pirate's Chariot and Rockanoff. From a distance, it'll open a cannon on its back and fire. Get in close, and it'll roll up into a ball and bowl you over.

Hell Pockle is just like the laughapockles from Wise Owl Forest, and Witch Hellza is just like Illza from the forest, only without the poison apples.

Space Gyons will stand still until provoked with attacks or by getting too close. Unlike regular Gyons, they'll chase after you instead of going in a straight line.

By this point in the game, Ruby is the ideal choice for my main fighter. I have Ruby's best weapon - the Secret Armlet - with maxed-out stats, making her damage output on par with Toan's. But since she's a ranged fighter, she stays out of more danger. So I'm using her to fight, and Toan just to collect Atla.

And speaking of Atla, I'm finding some weird ones here. Most of them are parts, and then there's parts for the parts. So it doesn't look like I get to rebuild another town this time, but rather their stupid factory.

Along the way, we find a Bravery Launch, which is the blackfloor key for the area. Let's just set it up and...

Too bad you just transition to them on the ground and don't get to see them fall. The odd thing is to get back, you do the same thing. I guess you jump further down to get back up? Silly moon.

Here we encounter two more enemies. Arthur flies around and tries to impale you on his lance when you get close. Titans are exactly like Golems and just as easy to kill.

Floor 4 was a limited zone for Ruby (oh no!), but after that, it's back to another run of Atla collecting and enemy killing.

The Moon Digger is exactly like the Earth Digger, except more moony.

And White Fang is exactly like the werewolves. And Vulcan's are just fire versions of Dunes. It really sucks, because the game starts off with such variety in enemies. Then by the end, it's just the same enemies in different clothes that you can kill in your sleep. Ah well. At least the Atla is fresh.

I just wish I knew what the hell I was supposed to make from all this crap.

That looks about right.

On Floor 8, we find who is presumably the boss of Yellow Drops. He mumbles about test flights and shit, then we head back to town.

Once there, we fill him in on the story, and he says that the Sealing Technique is pretty much forgotten and not an option.

But apparently, they're building a Sun Giant to beat the shit out of the Genie. So THAT'S what all that Atla was for!

So wait, we're on the moon, and we get to build a giant robot?

I'm so happy.

The Sun Giant needs a stronger power source to work properly though, and one just so happens to be a prize at the Coliseum. And with that...

Osmond has- wait, he did what now? Seems the Engrish is just getting worse the further we get into the game.

Fun Fact: Osmond killed the former mayor in his sleep so he could take over as boss.