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Part 24: Yellow Drops and Moon Sea Part 2

The Giant's starting to take form, now that I know what I'm doing.

With Osmond as an ally (I think?) and with our tasks laid out for us, we head back to Floor 8 to continue through the dungeon.

Osmond's ability is to fly over large gaps. He can even be used for the smaller gaps that you used to use Xiao for, meaning you never have to use her ever again (well, one more time). Goodbye Xiao! Sucks to be you!

One thing I didn't mention before is the Handle, which is the locked door key for this area. Instead of doors, you have drawbridges that need to be lowered. Because I guess doors on the moon would be too silly.

And along the way, we get a Limited Zone for Osmond.

Osmond is the only ranged fighter who can shoot and move at the same time, which is nice if you need to maneuver around and dodge attacks and such.

Osmond uses guns to fight with, and has a few different types. You have machine guns that are rapid-firing but not very damaging (and eat up WHp), ray guns that shoot beams that are strong but can be a little slow, and flamethrower-type guns that are decent but don't have much range. That last type is not available as a final build.

Now, this floor would be a bitch to do if I hadn't planned ahead. I actually got Osmond a weapon and built it up to the Super Nova, which is his best ray weapon.

One last new enemy for the Moon Sea. The Crescent Baron flies around and shoots beams at you. Get in close, and he whips tentacles around at you.

Anyway, I ran through the rest of the dungeon and picked up all the Atla, save for one piece.

When you complete the head portion of the giant, Ledan hands you the admission tickets for the Coliseum.

Amuleo, Gotch, Boon, and Tomahon are pilots for the Sun Giant. Amuleo and Tomahon are pretty chill, but Boon and Gotch are a little shaken up after the failed test and want out of the project.

But when your boss is Osmond, it's not so easy.

What a manipulative bastard he is.

The Sun Giant's completely rebuilt, minus the Pez Sphere. Protip: The pattern on the chestplate should match the direction of the pattern on the ground under the robot to complete the "Request" portion of the rebuilding process.

Now let's go get that sphere!

A little laughapockle takes out ticket and opens the gate for us. As we head in...

We get our first glimpse of Minotaur Joe, the current reigning champion and our next boss fight.

I actually had to hold back in this battle and NOT kill him 5 seconds in. Joe charges in, and swings and smashes his axe to keep you from getting too close.

Giant kegs litter the arena, which Joe will chug down to put himself into Stamina state, making him faster, stronger, and invulnerable. So the idea is to hit him when you can, and run when you can't. Or you can kill him in two hits and not worry about a fucking thing.

With Joe defeated, we get the Pez (or Sun, as it's called now) sphere. Now it's time to power up the giant and tear that Genie a new one!