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Dark Cloud

by Jamesman

Part 25: Robot vs Genie: The Ultimate Showdown

With the sphere inserted into the Sun Giant, Osmond rounds everyone up to discuss the mission.

Near as I can tell, this is the first and only time Flag's last name is mentioned.

Everyone gets set up in the robot, and now we head off to Dark Heaven Castle for some Power Rangers-style action!

Meanwhile, at the castle...

It's Possibly Possessed Asshole Future Guy!

Simba shows up and addresses him as Seda. It appears they know each other.

Or rather, knew each other. It turns out Possibly Possessed Asshole Future Guy is actually a Possibly Possessed Asshole PAST Guy.

Apparently, Seda journeyed to the future and intended to use the Atlamillia to defeat the genie. But he realized he couldn't, and has been leading us to the task (I don't really see how), because we're the only ones that can save the day (again, I don't really see how).

The Sun Giant cuts through the clouds, heading toward the castle.

Flag's been overtaken by the genie's influence, which is what's been happening to Seda.

And with that, it's fighting time!

The Sun Giant wails on the genie with some punches and kicks.

But the genie retaliates with a powerful blast of magic.

The Sun Giant takes the blast, then offers up one of its own.

Wooo! The blast completely obliterates the Dark Genie. With evil defeated and the world restored, our heroes can celebrate and-


It turns out when the Dark Genie was sealed, a mouse got in the urn as well. Over the years, it absorbed a good deal of power and became a pawn of the genie, while the REAL genie overtook Flag's body.

The Sun Giant's destroyed, as well as Flag's body. The Dark Genie flees to find a new host to sustain it.

And just when you think everyone's blown up and falling to their deaths...

DRAN OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE! He catches up Toan and Osmond and delivers them to the castle's doorstep while the genie is weakened. Then he goes to rescue the others, and we're left to go on and try to put an end to this once and for all.