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by Jamesman

Part 26: Dark Heaven Castle and Gallery of Time Part 1

We stand before the steps of Dark Heaven Castle. But before we head on and finish this up, let us make sure we're well prepared for what's ahead of us.

First off, let's make sure we have lots of money. Well, we DO, but if we didn't and needed it for some reason (you really don't), here's how.

Lana sells Poisonous Apples for 120 gold each. Now, these apples work as bait for Mardan Garayans, who give you at least 150 Fishing Points at their worst.

Mighty Healings cost 15FP each, and then sell to shops for 150 gold each. So at worst, buying one apple will get you 1,380 gold in return. Repeat the process to your heart's content, but keep in mind that fishing points are MUCH better spent on buying gems.

Now, let's make sure we have plenty of strong, pimped out weaponry.

When you kill an enemy, your weapon receives Abs upon their removal from the dungeon. But...

...If you switch to a different weapon before the enemy disappears, the Abs will be given to THAT weapon instead. This makes it very easy to level up/build up weapons too weak to use in later dungeons.

Keep in mind this only works for switching weapons among a single character. Switching characters results in no Abs being rewarded.

So eventually, I managed to get everyone's best weapons (though only Toan and Ruby's are maxed out in stats). With that done, we're ready to make this game cry.

Dark Heaven Castle might as well be called Dark Heaven Hallway, because that's all we're going to see of it. Seda comes down and fills us in on why this is all his fault.

And so on. He goes on and on, but we'll be hearing it all again soon enough anyway.

The Genie's power is starting to take him over again. Fortunately, Seda has a plan to put a stop to that.

...Well, I never said it was a GOOD plan.

Seda unleashes the Forbidden Spell to open a portal to the Gallery of Time, where we'll attempt to prevent the Dark Genie from ever being created.

The Gallery of Time appears to be a castle that's falling apart. Each floor takes us further back in time (only by number, I'm afraid) and closer to the day of the Genie's creation.

Now for some enemies.

Almost every enemy here is a rehash of an old enemy, starting with the Dark Flower.

Of all the enemies to recycle, the fucking bat shouldn't have been one of them. Seriously, this guy's just embarassing now.

The Curse Dancer is more of less unique (reminds me of the werewolves), they're agile and can curse you with their attacks. You may remember them from the game's opening.

The Pitchdark Key is used to open locked doors for this area, and the Clock Hands are the gate key for the dungeon. You use them to open portals to go further back in time.

Now, this is odd. The backfloor key for the Gallery of Time is the Flapping Duster, which you use here. However, for some reason, this item is not available in the US version of the game, meaning you can't ever access the backfloors in this dungeon.

And finally, the Atla for this area is actually fragments of Seda's memories. Instead of rebuilding houses or robots, you're assembling events from Seda's past leading up to the birth of the genie. You can only assemble and view these events WHILE in the dungeon too.

Returning to the castle, we find the Fairy King. He's set up shop here for us, selling the necessities as well as weapon attachments and gems. Each gem is 3,000 gold, and by the numbers, it's better to use Fishing Points to directly buy gems than to buy Mighty Healings to sell for gold to buy gems here. But if you have the money to spend, now's a good time to unload it.

Back in the Gallery, we meet Billy, who is a lightning-based version of Sam and Mr. Blare. He also seems to be more block-happy, which is a pain in the ass.

And we also have Living Armor, who is like the Statue, but attacks with a lance.

Rash Dasher. Very similar to the Dasher, except he runs around a bit before charging at you to throw you off.

Clubs kind of remind me of the laughapockles from Wise Owl Forest. Along with them, there's also Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Jokers. They're all pretty similar, though some use melee attacks and others use ranged.