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Part 27: Dark Heaven Castle and Gallery of Time Part 2

You know the deal here. Delving deeper still into the Gallery of Time, we keep encountering more memories. The needed Atla is starting to get spread out over 2-3 floors, because this dungeon apparently NEEDED to be 24 floors long.

Look, I actually LIKE this game (at least more than most), but it is so annoying to have things stretched out like this. You want the final dungeon to be a challenge, not a challenge in tedium, dammit!

And if you think that's bad, just wait...

We finally get a new enemy that isn't just another card guy. Instead, it's just another ghost guy! The Lich is exactly like the Ghost from the first dungeon.

Blizzard. Ice version of Golems. Lame ass crap god dammit game I'm in NO MOOD for your lazy bullshit.

Alexander is a lot like the Mask of Prajna, except he breathes fireballs and his sword attacks are faster.

Finally, the Black Dragon. He can freeze you with his blasts and he can suck a huge piece of shit for all I care.

The next 5 floors are all limited zones - One for each ally. You know, just in case you DARED to not use your worthless pieces of shit. Thankfully I did, and their weapons let them hold their own long enough to make it to the next floor.

Aaaaaand I may have bought 15 or 16 bombs for insurance.

Xiao's best weapon: The Angel Gear. As an aside, the form before it was the Angel Shooter, which added the Heal ability.

But fuck that. Here's SUPER STEVE!

Up next is Goro, weilding the Inferno. This weapon actually ties with Ruby's best weapon for best Magic stat, with a max of 300. Quite strange for such a physical character.

You've seen a lot of Ruby and her Secret Armlet. You might NOT have been aware that I added Stop to it though. This has a chance to, well, stop your enemy. Of course, the enemy would have to not die in one hit first for this to matter.

Ungaga's Babel's Spear is decent enough, and the extra reach comes in handy, but I still feel there are better characters to use.

And you've already seen Osmond's Super Nova. It seems to have a LOT of trouble hitting enemies that move/jump around a lot, but it still does the job I need it to do, which is kill things.

With that final test done with, we have one more floor with a few more Atla and one last memory.

Next Time: The final battle! ...Or is it?