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Part 7: Mission VII: Deadly Cargo

The Yellow Ant posted:

My best friend and I played the hell out of this game when we were 13! Thanks for bringing back the nostalgia.

I even wrote a Dark Forces themed arithmetic training game in Visual Basic because his parents made him do an hour of math before he could play the game. I wish I still had the source code. True story.

I wish you still had the source code, damn now I want to see that.

Pristine Shits posted:

By the way, how hard was it to get this working on your modern computer?

Well that depends. You can get the game working without sound on a modern computer easily, just put in the disk and install. However with the arrival of XP all midi sound was removed from the OS. So you can't get sound unless you somehow emulate a midi soundcard. There was a program that allowed you to do this, but it was incredably buggy and I gave up on it eventually. So I am running it through DosBox, it works very well and provides me with all the tools I need to make the LP.


Pander18, thanks for all the criticism. As I say in the video I do appreciate it as I would like to improve. I don't think this is by any means perfect but it would be great if I could get some more feedback on if my new ideas on the subject are going in the right direction.


Mission VII: Deadly Cargo

Level Details
Since Crix has told us about the robotics facility and the Arc Hammer, it seems wise to choose one to destroy first. The robotics facility doesn't move so it's a much better choice. It seems the best way to find the facility is to plant a tracking device on a ship going there, so off Kyle goes.


Crix Madine informs us that the leader of the Dark Trooper project is a General name Rom Mohc. You might remember him frim your time with the Empire. A decorated soldier of the

Clone Wars, Mohc became very prominent during the Emperor's rise to power. He was one of the few generals to oppose the construction of the Death Star, because of his distrust of any technology that seperates the warrior from battle and engaging the enemy. He's absolutely obsessed with the honor of personal combat. Madine further reports that the dark troopers have three phases of construction. The first one is the Gromas Mines, which you so effectively blew to bits, where they mine the alloy resource, Phrik. The resulting alloy is then transported to the Robotic Facility, where it is treatedand refined. The alloy is then taken to a special space cruiser, the Arc Hammer, where final composition and assembly of the trooper takes place. The locations for the Robotics Facility and the Arc Hammer are still unknown.

Our next focus will be to find and destroy the Robotics Facility. General Mohc has solicited the help of an underworld kingpin, unkown to us at this time. The kingpin supplies Mohc with smugglers to move his raw goods to the different facilities. Madine, before his capture, was able to find that one of the routes that the sumugglers use starts from Ramsees Hed. a spaceport on the planet Cal-Seti. Placing this tracking device in the engine port at the rear of the smuggler ship should lead us right to the Robotics Facility.

- Place the tracking device in the rear of the smuggler ship


Additional Information
Two things to dicuss today. Firstly the Imperials seem to be shipping a lot of one very strange item. This Item is a "1 Ton Rubber Duck"

Secondly. As you go up a lift quite early on, if you turn around you can see this written on a wall

"Ewoks Suck"
This should be your first clue to whats around here some where.
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