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Part 8: Mission VIII: Ice Station Beta

Update, I hope I spoke enough on this one. I've been trying to stick to only the points I want to make about the game and keeping them concise.

Mission VIII: Ice Station Beta

Level Details
The Robotics Facility turns out to be on a frozen planet covered in ice. Obviously Kyle can't let this sort of Imperial instalation survive and so he is sent to Anteevy to destroy it, with the simple warning that there may be Dark Troopers onsite.


I tracked the smuggler ship to a remote planet called Anteevy. This figid planet is lifeless, except for an Imperial construction facility built beneath the icy surface.

Place three Sequencer Charges in the exchange couplings located in the solution of the Phrik. This should disable the facility. Keep a careful eye out wherever you go; there are highly volatile chemicals used in this facility. I suggest you find a breathing mask like those used by the Imperials to protect themselves. Also I wouldn't put it past Mohc to have stationed Dark Troopers in this facility. Battling a few Dark Troopers should warm you up after your walk through the snow.

- Infliltrate the facility.
- Set Sequencer Charge 1.
- Set Sequencer Charge 2.
- Set Sequencer Charge 3.
- Return to the Landing area.


Additional Information
So Lucasarts made some other good games. One of them was called "Sam and Max: Hit the Road" and throughout the series there have been references and easter eggs with Max in them. Secret 1 in this level is exactly that sort of reference. It doesn't look like much inside but as soon as you turn on the map: