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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 3: Mission 4

“Brothers, I am diverting us from our investigation to take advantage of a target of opportunity. We'll be cutting off a growing Ork threat at Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy). I'll not let even the Inquisition distract us from our duties as Space Marines.”

“A practical course of action under the circumstances, Brother-Captain. It is important even in these dark times to secure our recruiting worlds.”

“If this system evades Exterminatus, we may yet still need more worlds.”

“The legacy of Captain Boreale persists.”

“Let his failings be a lesson to us all.”

“A lesson in not assigning half your Chapter to a man not suited for command?”

“Well, I suppose that's similar to what I was going to say. We've learned much about the responsibilities of Chapter Command.”

“What were you-”

“We stopped using the dart-board to assign duties for starters.”

“All things considered perhaps Captain Angelos was right, and that the roulette wheel should go too.

“Captain! Sergeant Cyrus is expelling a dangerous amount of blood from his ears!”

“It's fine. He's been doing that almost every time we've spoken for the last ten years or so.”

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New Power Armour Acquired
Artificer Power Armour
Armour of Leadership


Expendable Items – Some items gained over the course of a campaign may have little or no use to an active Space Marine force. In these cases these items may be donated to the Chapter's record-keeping Librarium. In gameplay terms these items when donated may grant squads a substantial experience bonus, or turn the donated item into wargear, or other functions.
First Gift of the Artificer

Voting is now open for Diomedes and Cyrus!

In addition please vote for who will receive the First Gift of the Artificer.

And lastly please decide our mission reward. Will we take the Holy Armour of Purgation, unlock the Dreadnought Walker or Upgrade our Tactical Squad with missile launchers?