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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 9: Mission 10

“Captain Diomedes now the Eldar have been routed we may continue on to points Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“Excellent. Now we shall no longer be interrupted from discovering Chapter Master Kyras' innocence!”



“I believe Sergeant Cyrus was speaking that we would be finding the true depths of Chapter Master Kyras' fall to Chaos. As opposed to absolution of all guilt. Which is mathematically impossible at this point.”

“Surely you don't believe there's still some misunderstanding here, Captain?”

“Look, just because we have multiple accusations, a trail of evidence-”

“And a vox-recorded confession.”

“I was getting to that!”

“Look. This talk is a waste of time. Either way when we arrive perhaps you'll finally open your eyes to the truth.”

“Can't we deploy someone instead of me? You guys got to sit out for-”

Get in the Rhino before I explode you in.”


New Content


Tyranids – The rapidly evolving, world devouring aliens known as Tyranids descended upon the Aurelian Sub-Sector there seemed little chance of overcoming the threat. Yet the Heroes of Aurelia and the Blood Ravens 3rd Company were victorious, and since that time the left over biomorphs have been a lesser but still dangerous threat in the sub-sector, primarily due to being all but cut off from the Hive Mind that controls and directs their hunger and leaving them as dangerous predatory creatures. Yet so long as Tyranids of any kind remain there is a chance that the will of the Hive Mind may once again be exerted upon them, tougher and smarter from its original defeat.


Predator Tank – The standard front line armour unit of the Space Marines, the Predator is based upon the ubiquitous Rhino chassis, but sacrifices transport space for thicker armour and hard hitting weaponry. Able to mount a wide range of weapons a Predator tank can perform just as wide a range of tasks in support of Space Marine operations. As its crew are all experienced battle brothers themselves, they are experts in bringing out the full capabilities of their vehicle, and apply them to precisely the right place at the right time.
Extra Armour – Increases the health of the Predator Tank.
Lascannons – Allows the Predator to equip Lascannons, making it much more effective against vehicles but less effective against infantry.



New Plasma Gun Acquired
Artificier Plasma Gun

New Chainsword Acquired
Bone Saw

New Melta Gun Acquired
Ancient Melta Gun


New Expendable Acquired
Greater Contemplation of the Codex

Voting is open for Diomedes, Martellus and The Ancient.

In addition please vote for who we will use the Greater Contemplation of the Codex on.

Lastly, please vote for our mission reward. Will we take the armour, upgrade our Terminators to have Cyclone Missile Launchers or upgrade our Tactical Squads to carry Missile Launchers?