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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 46: Casualties Post-Mission 10

+++ Administratum File System Prayer Applied +++
+++  Performing Proper Requisition Rituals   +++

Resuming previous report, Standby:

Servitor designation RLB0K assisting Administratum Scribe Heavily

Thought for the day: Blessed is the mind too small for doubt

Begin transcription 3:
Situation Update: The Blood Ravens inform me that the Tyranid warrior-beast that killed Captain Thule has been slain. However, the cost of this vengeance seemed to far exceed any benefit which might be derived. Upon this servant voicing this to Apothecary Gordian of the Blood Ravens, he immediately switched the communication device over to Force Commander Priad. All questions directed at Priad were met with a silent but menacing stare until at last this servant was forced to relent.

Added to the cost of this report is a cleaning bill for one (1) imperial standard Scribe robe (Meridian Pattern), estimated at 3tg.

Martyrs under the command of Commander Priad, advisory of RoboKy and Coolguye:

Initiates: 15 (+8)

Marines: 54 (+17)

-of which are designated;

Tactical 24 (+8)

Assault 14 (+1)

Devastator 16 (+7)

Under Captain Davian Thule:

Initiates: 10 (+4), Marines 1, Hero 1 (Davian Thule himself)

[Administratum note: this number may be somewhat inaccurate given the focus of existing combat reports from Commander Priad's squads]

Martyrs Per Deployment:
Mission 1: 6 initiates (under Davian Thule)
Mission 2: 1 Initiates, 3 Marines
Missions 3-4: 4 Initiates, 11 Marines
Mission 5: 11 Marines
Mission 6: No Martyrs for the Emperor
Mission 7: 1 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 8: 4 Initiates, 1 Marine, 1 Hero (under Davian Thule:) 1 Initiates, 6 Marines (Under Priad)
Mission 9: 2 Marines
Mission 10: 8 Initiates, 15 Marines

17 of the casualties incurred in Mission Deployment 10 (Calderis) were personally incurred at the claws of the Tyranid warrior-beast. May a terror capable of inflicting such damage upon the Astartes never come to Meridian.

Current Martyr Total for the Aurelia Campaign: 81 Blood Ravens, of which 25 are Initiates and 56 are Marines.

End transcription 3