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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 47: Casualties Post-Mission 13

+++ Administratum File System Prayer Applied +++
+++  Performing Proper Requisition Rituals   +++

Resuming previous report, Standby:

Servitor designation RLB0K assisting Administratum Scribe Heavily

Thought for the day: Mankind stands on the shoulders of the Martyred

Begin transcription 4:
Situation Update: After a brief visit to Meridian to deal with Eldar raiders and request access to Angel Forge, the Space Marines have resumed their Tyranid campaign, targeting key xenos in an effort to stem and even reverse the tide.

As of the time of writing, Governor Vandis has not approved wartime seizure of any manufacturing facilities on Meridian and the Blood Ravens must therefore attempt access through regular channels. The request form for gaining access to Angel Forge has been approved for preliminary acceptance into a first-tier filing process. The full request is being sped through the system with all due haste, and should thus be ready within the next year.

Martyrs under the command of Commander Priad, advisory of RoboKy and Coolguye:

Initiates: 34 (+19)

Marines: 86 (+32)

-of which are designated;

Tactical 42 (+18)

Assault 21 (+7)

Devastator 23 (+7)

Under Captain Davian Thule:

Initiates: 10 (+4), Marines 1, Hero 1 (Davian Thule himself)

[Administratum note: this number may be somewhat inaccurate given the focus of existing combat reports from Commander Priad's squads]

Martyrs Per Deployment:
Mission 1: 6 initiates (under Davian Thule)
Mission 2: 1 Initiates, 3 Marines
Missions 3-4: 4 Initiates, 11 Marines
Mission 5: 11 Marines
Mission 6: No Martyrs for the Emperor
Mission 7: 1 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 8: 4 Initiates, 1 Marine, 1 Hero (under Davian Thule:) 1 Initiates, 6 Marines (Under Priad)
Mission 9: 2 Marines
Mission 10: 8 Initiates, 15 Marines
Mission 11: 7 Initiates, 16 Marines
Mission 12: 1 Initiates, 10 Marines
Mission 13: 11 Initiates, 6 Marines

(Administratum note: I have requested clarification of these numbers and have repeatedly been assured they are correct. It seems unbelievable that this war might consume an entire company's worth of Space Marines long before there is any resolution in sight. A request to keep all second-hand information relating to Space Marine casualties away from the public has been issued to prevent panic, and this file has been raised by two security grades.)

Current Martyr Total for the Aurelia Campaign: 120 Blood Ravens, of which 34 are Initiates and 86 are Marines.

End transcription 4