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Dawn of War II

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Part 8: Mission 11

“Commander, blah blah blah. Do this do that. Go to a different planet. Now come back. Now leave again because I somehow didn't realise Tyranids were coming! Oh no I am the worst user of heavy weapons ever! Now I am dead! If only I went to Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) I probably wouldn't be so dead right now!”

“Avitus! Captain Thule is still alive! By The Emperor put him back in stasis and stop being such a douchebag!”


New Content

New Planet

Meridian – The current capital of the Aurelia Sub-Sector the planet of Meridian is covered in urban sprawl and industry. Its ruling nobility under Planetary Governor Vandis occupy the upper levels of its many levelled cities, with the lower class forcibly thrust to the depths where they can be forgotten about. Meridian is most famous for its ancient Angel Gate forge where unique and complex wargear can be constructed if one can satisfy the whims of Vandis and the nobility.


Administrator Elena Darosa – As Meridian's Planetary Governor Vandis would never willingly speak to the Blood Ravens, it is Administrator Darosa who acts as the planet's liason to the Space Marine Chapter. She takes her job very seriously but does not fully comprehend the dangers threatening to engulf the sub-sector.



New Bolt Pistol Acquired

New Combat Shotgun Acquired
Superior Combat Shotgun

New Missile Launcher Acquired
Unerring Thunderbolt


New Power Armour Acquired
Armour of Victory


New Purity Seal Acquired
Oath of Victory

Voting is now open for Force Commander and Cyrus

At this point the story has split into three possible paths and I've decided the best way to do this is to choose one of the three paths and pursue it all the way to its conclusion, then repeat with another path and finally close off on the third. Of course it would be silly if Coolguye or myself had any say in this and so we leave it to you all to vote on which task we shall focus on first.

Do we:

Pursue the Genetic Data? Doing this will allow the Blood Ravens to locate a raw sample of the Hive's Gene Pool in order to create a poison that will kill the Hive Fleet.

Locate the Array? Doing this will allow the Blood Ravens to pinpoint with accuracy where they will need to deploy in order to administer the poison.

Secure Angel Forge? Doing this will give the Blood Ravens access to the means of creating a mechanism that will deliver the poison to the Hive Fleet so that it may be destroyed.

It's up to you guys, there's no right order or wrong order in which to do this and each one has its own major reward at the end, so have at it!