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Part 10

Thanks for your patience, guys. Hopefully, it won't take as long next time.

Welcome to the Chapter 10: End of Days. Today, we're playing as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we're trying to stop a businessman possessed by the devil.

Oh, wait. No, that's something much worse.

Welcome to the Crew Deck! P-SEC was never trained for this kind of situation...

Part One: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler (Polsy),
Part Three: Viddler (Polsy),

And the Schadenfreude Run!
Part One: Viddler, (Polsy),
Part Two: Viddler, (Polsy),
Part Three: Viddler, (Polsy),

Music used this time:
Butcher Pete (Part 1), by Roy Brown, featured in Fallout 3.
The Brainwasher, by Daft Punk, from the album Human After All.
Cold as Ice, by Foreigner, from the self-titled album.
Got My Mind Set On You, by George Harrison, from the album Cloud Nine.
'39, by Queen, from the album A Night at the Opera.

Mission Objectives

"Isaac Clarke" posted:

Find the Crew Key
Once I find the Crew Key, I'll be able to access the elevators down to the various Sleep Blocks on the deck.

Find the Navigation Cards (3)
It sounds like someone sabotaged the shuttle and ripped out the navigation cards. I've got to find them and bring them to the shuttle, along with the Singularity Core.

Override the Locks to Block B
Life Support is down in Sleep Block B and the door is locked. I should be able to run an override from a nearby control station.

Repair the Shuttle
Now that I've got the Singularity Core, I need to find the shuttle on this deck and repair it. It's the only way to get off this ship.

Test Fire the Shuttle Engines
The shuttle should be operational now, but I should test fire the engines to ensure flight readiness before Kyne gets here.

Release the Shuttle
Kyne's onboard and ready to fly. I have to release the docking clamps holding the shuttle in one place.

Go to the Flight Deck
Kyne is on his way to the Hangar Bay. He needs me to meet him on the flight deck and load the Marker onto the Shuttle. With the Marker onboad, we can then fly down to the planet.
You know, this seems to be missing something.

"Isaac Clarke" posted:

Run Away from the Hunter

Kill the Hunter
There we go, that's more realistic.

Text Logs

"Z-Ball Rules" posted:


Step on the lighted platform and activate it to start the game!

Jump to as many scoring platforms as possible to increase your score multiplier. Then use your Kinesis Module to grab the ball and shoot it into the active basket before the shot timer runs out. Beating each level opens a locker with a reward inside.

"Van Ottken, C." posted:

United we... Ascend?
Is Unitology a new hope, or just another scam?
By Carrie Van Ottken

If you've been living on Mars for the past 200 years, you might have missed the fastest-growing religious movement in history.

Unitology boasts a following of millions, counts powerful CEOs and officials in its ranks, claims $78 billion of stock in multiglobal companies, and owns two of Earth's largest financial institutions (GPSG Financial and Unitas Energy Investments). From its beginnings are a cult of personality, Unitology has become a respected, established religion. Most people know the basics. Two hundred years ago Michael Altman, a professor of anthropology, blew the whistle on what he claimed was the biggest cover-up ever instituted by Earth Government - the discovery of an artifact, or "Marker", which proved beyond any doubt that there is alien life in the universe. The Government labeled Altman a kook, but his claims struck a chord with some, and his mysterious death soon afterwards fueled that interest.

Unitologists believe the Marker contained a code, the key to eternal life, through rebirth and ascension to heaven (The kicker is you have to die first). They say the Government is hiding the Marker somewhere, keeping its secrets for themselves. Across all of human space, Unitologists praise Altman's martyrdom and await the day God comes to take them to their new life beyond death. It all sounds pretty harmless. But, like any cult, there's a dark side.

Unitologists are "ranked" in the Church. Nobody ever talks about it, but most of its critics believe there are at least three ranks above the average believer, or "Initiate." With each new rank, more of the Church's inner workings and research is revealed to the follower. And these ranks are achieved by one simple criteria - giving money and power to the Church.

Think taking all your money's bad? The Church also requires members to donate their bodies after death. Why? What do they do with them? Nobody will say, and attempts to infiltrate the inner circle have failed. With their emphasis on "transformation and rebirth", maybe we wouldn't like the answer even if they told us.

One rumor that also refuses to die says the Church is funding a secret shipbuilding program. Some claim to have seen the fleet. No documentary evidence has ever been supplied, but the claimants all say these "mausoleum ships", despite their huge size (Cont'd on p94)
Well, I'm pretty sure that at this point, Unitology outranks Hubology as the most obvious parody in the history of man.

"White, D." posted:

Goddamn Unis are running the ship. Known so far:
Captain Mathis
CSO Kyne
2SO Mercer
LT Carrillo
LTJG Pitts
LTJG Wrede
ENS Maynard
ENS Shande
ENS Espeleta
ENS Natividad
I'd like to take this moment to point out that even the first officer had doubts about the captain. Un-fucking believable. Oh, and White? Half the crew are Unis. Pay attention.

* Technically speaking, this isn't the first time we've seen the Hunter since its hop into the freezer. Think back to the Mining Deck... that's an interesting silhouette, isn't it?
* In the lobby, there's a poster for a film entitled "Rancid Moon." That was the title of the original Dead Space pitch, set on a corrupted prison world. The credit lines recognize Glen Schofield, the game's producer.
* The rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle" that loops in the lobby is frequently used in Dead Space. We heard it briefly on the Hydroponics Deck, heading down from the ventilation system of doom, it's used in one of the most well-known trailers, and it plays at the end of Downfall. The song was briefly available as a free download from EA, though I can't find the link anymore.

Continuity Issues
* How exactly did Mercer get out of that room?
* In the final Nav Card room, the security officer kills herself with a Divet, which also appears in Downfall and Extraction. Here, it's shown as an energy-based weapon, but elsewhere, it's a projectile weapon, ejecting cartridges whenever it's fired.
* To unlock the door to the Executive Offices, Kyne activates a console on his arm. Except it's not there. It's a ghost console!

New Enemies
Enhanced Lurkers

The Hunter! Again!
Our tactics remain the same. Run the fuck away - we can't do jack-shit until we get him into the shuttle bay. When we trigger the engine, he pops out of the roof, and we can lure him out onto the catwalk. Stasis him or cripple him, trigger the engine, and problem solved.

New Clues
* It was Mercer who prevented Temple and Cross from getting the beacon. So, inadvertently... I guess he kinda helped us. Can't get the beacon if the other engineers have it. Thanks, I guess. dick
* It was Kyne who disabled the engines.
* The planetcrack uncovered some kind of massive organism - the Hivemind. Presumably, it's controlling the Necros.
* Kyne believes that putting the Marker back on the planet will end the chaos, and claims that "Amelia" told him. Amelia's been dead for years - where's he getting his information?

DatonKallandor posted:

It's also in FEAR 2 - in a very creepy spot that fits it perfectly.
Holy shit, really? Maybe I should look that up.

Pops posted:

I went straight from shareware Doom to Half Life, since I was generally broke and had no decent machine until college. I may be the only person in the Games forum to have never actually played SS2. I may have to look into this.
I could never get SS2 running on Vista, and I just couldn't wrap my head around SS1's control scheme. I really wish that they'd release it on Steam, or something.