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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 15

Looks like Yocal's trying to make me waste more time killing morons by pretending to be a helpless little girl. Oh, Yocal.

And she's IN NO WAY a recolor of that other assassin girl everyone thought was a guy.

They could have wrote "Throws poison axes", but this way it's just so much clearer

I think that means he's good at spotting traps.

And a Buddhist. You don't normally see Buddhists decked out like that. That's because this one's a SPECIAL Buddhist. A Buddhist this special deserves some new traps!

Should any invader actually do something useful, like move around, I'll be able to use this trap to send them flying into a room hazard.

And this isn't half bad at weakening folks.

It doesn't explain why your face has been sliding off.

Oh, I'm sure you can. Everyone else has been able to.

The Buddhist and, uh, Tainted Axe Thrower catch Millennia off guard by asking nonsensical questions.

It doesn't make me very pleased. Not one bit. Google. / Backup

I would have been able to kill them right here, but the boulder went right through them and then they managed to heal up using the power of Buddha.

I didn't want you to die like that either, but you had to keep getting out of the way of the really cool traps.

And this guy was even worse! I ended up killing him using only arrows.

The recolor died so fast, I thought she was made out of balsa wood and damp tissues.

Nooooo! I didn't want to hurt the adventure. I'm sorry.

Meanwhile, in Kieth's mom's basement...

This is starting to get as bad as Deadmoon's little scenes.

Next time, Millennia changes homes again.