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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

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Original Thread: Before Tramp Stamps were popular, there was Kagero - Deception II



Yes, I realize that's the wrong part of her back. It made for a catchier title this way. Bite me.

As you could no doubt glean from the title, Kagero is a sequel to the satanic trap-filled romp that was Tecmo's Deception. Like the first game, the object of Kagero is to kill anyone who sets foot in your house by using an assortment of traps, and there's a decidedly evil tone. Unlike the first game, Kagero takes on more of an action game style as opposed to the patchwork RPG of Deception. So without further ado, let us play Kagero.

Watch the opening movie here! / Backup

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