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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 6

Instead of Mickey Mouse, you get murder!

Apparently, there is a method to become a Timenoid and it must be a rather difficult task to accomplish.

Oh, of course! Use Millennia! Why the hell not! Man, I'm starting to think the Timenoids can't actually do anything themselves.

And thus, Millennia gets a bigger house.

As you can see, the castle is pretty large. It's going to take a lot of exploration to cover all the rooms and the special traps they hold.

Hey look at that! Millennia gets to christen her new home with the blood of Schemey McTalksalot. And a giant pig that someone dressed up in a green sack.

Self-healing powers? Why you gotta make me hurt you?

He loves the Timenoids and children. He's like a puffy green Santa Claus. Too bad I'm going to re-orphan all his kids now.

Oh, Deadmoon! Always with the jokes. <>

Well he did ask.

Please tell me "HAGANE" is just some sort of expression you like to use

Nope. He called a ninja. Damn it all.

My, my. That's a lot of water. And I just bought a spark rod before this encounter.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything to show for Hagane's death apart from this. I set the rod in the water, and he died as soon as I used it. No sparks, no cartoon skeleton silhouette. Just a dead ninja.

And now for Deadmoon. I'll have to use my strongest trap on him. There's no holding back!


And then I kill him using my good old standby ice/arrow/rock combo. You've seen it a few times already, and it's no different now.

Fucking hell. Deadmoon's pulled the same stupid trick from Zamur's book and hired stunt doubles. That is so tacky.

It's just you and me now, fattycakes.


Google version / Backup. I love it when they try to run away into a dead end.

I don't think you become immortal by dying, tubbers. Unless you're a Highlander.

Next time: More throwaway soldiers die for the hell of it, and Millennia gets some new shoes.