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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 13

Oh ho! Looks like I missed a family member.

Millennia vs. a little girl. This should be a long, difficult battle.

Oh, she has help. From people like Grand'Or. I think Tecmo's been reduced to naming characters by putting cats on their keyboards.

Luckily, killing Emillia's family netted me enough Ark to buy this little fellow.

Not even Saki's support can help the underdog here. Google version / Backup

Those girls are an elite, cohesive fighting unit.

Welp, that's two down.

Millennia's here, Gustav! And she brought you a gift.

A free barrel. Catch!

That's not how you're supposed to catch it.

Yes, you already said that.

Uh-oh. Millennia's cornered. It's going to take a miracle to save her now.

I suppose that works, too.

Upset over falling for such a trick, Grand'Or commits ritualistic suicide on the spikes.

Well, then! You go have a look around for them, and I'll check up on the little girl ok.

Hello little girl would you like to play in my haunted murderhouse?

Um. I don't think children laugh like that when they die.

You know, it's really no fun when they just stand in place pissing themselves.

I bet you feel silly now, don't you?

Oh dear lord she's a zombie!

... what?

That... that you were pretending to be.

Oh gee, thanks. I'm so glad you told her something I already know instead of, say, deactivating the bomb yourself or something equally useful. God knows I LOVE protecting some stupid statue when I could be setting up better super deathtraps in other rooms.

Next time: You guessed it. Millennia plays bomb goalie. Again.