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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 8

Kind of a shortish update today. But that just means there's less exposition.

I don't even remember killing a priest, let alone a rich one.

Oh wait, you mean Fatty? He was a priest? He was a rich priest who raised tons of little children. Make up your own jokes here, folks.

Aww, they brought a retard with them. And his name's Diva!

"Ho ho! I fear not your arrows and small bombs!"

If my name was Diva, I'd probably become psycho too. Bet it was the only way to keep from getting picked on as a child.

And another godless heathen voodoo healer.

I made a lot of Ark from killing that last batch of people. Which means more toys!

Always a favourite of mine.

'Ignites oil-covered victims', eh? Now just how am I going to get oil on them in the first place?

I suppose that would work.

Does Millennia have some kind of "I killed your loved ones!" sign I'm unaware of?

Better luck next time, Lordred! Not a game video, but the music sums up this experience perfectly / Backup

This, however, is the gameplay video. Google version / Backup.

God, I love that trap.

Hey guys! You can wash off that gas I sprayed you with in this here pool!

Actually managed to show the spark rod off this time.

Oh shit it's Voldo. Run away!

Some scenes have been edited due to graphic content.

He'll be KUOOOOOONing up in retard heaven now.

And finally, this guy. He just kept coming back, like some kind of brass cockroach. But with his death, Chapter 8 comes to an end.

Next time: The Castle meets some suicide bombers!