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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 4

I've bought a couple of new traps. The first is the Cold Claw, which is a bear trap that freezes. The other is this little beauty. Now I should be able to shove people down stairs... To protect them, of course.


She looks like something out of The Dark Crystal.

This guy really looks familiar. I want to say Burt Reynolds, but that's probably not it.

Yes... strange... indeed. Anyway, let's learn a little more about today's visitors.

You know your resume is bad when you list "coward" as a job title.

Tandi over at Red Blood's accounting office says it's Gerald but I think it's Keith. He's so totally dreamy.

I think we all know what's going to happen here.

Check out the link in the image above to see a few traps in action, and watch me drop rocks for no good reason. Google version here / Backup

I'll tell you anything you want, just get that face away from me.

And they run away before I have a chance to kill 'em.

Later, in Ulterior Motive Manor...

"... except have a pool party! Let me get out of these stuffy robes and into my speedos."

His head is pointed one way, yet his face goes another. That's kind of unsettling. This game has enough uncanny valleys to cut the Earth in two.

"I'm still behind you, sir."


Next tiiiiime: Even more cutscenes with our robed monologuing friend here.