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Kagero: Deception II

by Mr. Swoon

Part 23

Stop brooding in your basement, and fight me! Fight me, dammit!

If you thought people would stop trying to go into the ruins just because all the Timenoids and a huge batch of highly-trained soldiers all died horribly there, then I don't think you "get" Deception.

Kids today call dressing like that a "lifestyle".

I'm sure that'll work this time.

I gots me some fancy new 'lectrical traps.

No, it'll just refill your health once per mission.

You followed Kettle here, Ms. Pot.

You're absolutely right!

Now let's see just how well she protects it. here or here.

Oh right, I forgot about you. You'll just have to wait your turn.

Nah, he's just stupid.

See? Stupid.

Millennia gets to test out her laser arrows on fancy hat man.

Then you would have just died a little later. You people really need to think these things through.

That's right. And now she's gonna kill you!

Man, Millennia's wiping every last Timenoid off the face of the Earth without making any kind of effort on her part. Keith devoted his life to doing the same, and he only managed to kill five nameless ones.

Speak of the devil!


Here, you see how Tecmo's advanced character model makes Millennia show all of her pent-up despair and joy with but a simple glance.

If that's the way you want to do it, then that's the way we're gonna do it. Time to kill Keith. It shouldn't be too hard, I mean it's just the awesome legendary charismatic pretty Captain Keith of the Red Blood. I should be able to knock him off.

I... I CAN'T DO IT! He's just too pretty to kill.

The offer is tempting, but I think Millennia needs a shot of your crotch to help her decide.

Yeah, that's the stuff.

This is a tough choice. Should Millennia stay here, and continue killing the constant waves of people who barge into her home looking for some stupid secret of immortality, or should she run away with Cap'n Keith and live as happily ever after as a mute sociopath can?

I think Millennia could use a vacation.

And so, Keith wanders back to his basement for one last brooding session.

Next time on Kagero: One last Timenoid slaughter for the road.