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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 2

Might as well finish off the first chapter. Now where were we...

Ah, yes. Jail.

I think she's supposed to be crying, instead of softly moaning with her head between her legs.


Yeah, that was pretty funny.

This is why you don't listen to windows, Reina.

Oh, so that was it. The window tried to slip her some acid.

And I guess it succeeded!


Stop copying me!

Time to begin Reina's long path of brutal manslaughter. Which you can watch here or here

Aww he's too busy thinking about marriage to avoid getting killed

Same kind of setup as last game. The circle thingy in the lower left corner is Reina's health. The triangle on the right is her TRAP meter. The glowing lights are TRAPs that have been set up for her. Green is for ceiling TRAPs, red for wall , and blue for floor. The colors also happen to match the playstation button colors. Except for red; the circle button bring up your menu. I guess they just don't like pink vv

Since the fat viking guy decided to just stand around while I was busy explaining the game, Reina had plenty of time to charge up her TRAPs and kill him.

It's a pain party!

Yes you killed a man. Yes it's a horrible experience. Now do it again.

You heard the window! Let's get to killin'.

Ha ha! You got your girl stolen by a dead, fat viking.

Reina didn't like her feminine honor being besmirched, so she launched that guy into an iron maiden.

"I'm all right...!"


The girl has tripped!

Looks like the talking window was just a hobbit.

I wish I could chop up annoying children with an axe.


I guess Reina isn't the only person who can use TRAPs.

That's right, back to the children factory with you! Lousy defective model.

Well, ok. It's not like Reina has a home to go back to anymore.

All this fuss for one little girl that he was just going to send to a slave camp. This guy has to be the worst king ever.

But hey, this chapter is over! And Reina earned some Ark and some Dreak. What are Ark and Dreak? I have no idea! What are they used for? Nothing yet, but maybe we'll find out eventually. Next time, Reina has some more people to kill and more new buildings to run away to.