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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 21

It has? How the hell did Reina manage to do that?

I don't see how that relates to letting an entire fortress fall to a single teenage girl.

Somebody's got a tummyache.

Why is she bleeding? I don't know! And I never will. Let's just assume Cecilia's on her period and they skipped inventing tampons to further rocket launcher production.

Illegal moves! He's gonna get kicked out of UFC so fast.

Will he ever get his revenge?  No. He will die first. 

I guess when your parents name you Ruin, you couldn't have had a very good upbringing.

REAL alchemists use magic wands.

And finally a ninja girl with some kind of Single White Female thing going on.

VIDEO! / Backup. Send praise or blame to Abugadu for the song used in this one.


Quick! Run away from the fire!

No, not that way!

The comedy, however... still going strong.

They look like a really nice couple. I should help them.

I made them closer by squishing them together.

So do I, man. So do I.

Oh you did NOT just call my homegirl out, ho.

Give it!

Make me.


Reina got her degree in Albertology at the DeVry Institute in her spare time from home. And so can you! Call 1-800-BUY-TRAP for an informational pamphlet and listings for a campus near you!

What a bad time to be hallucinating. Which is all the time.

Well, if you say so.

Cecilia picked the best room to fight me in.

Oh shit, we're in CGI. Guess it's time for a dramatic death sequence. / Backup

"I mean, considering it never worked any other time I tried..."


Oh look who's here. Mr. "Only Shows Up After Everyone's Dead".

"...SISTER. She is my sister, who I was taken away from in some really misty cutscene. I got really tired of dragging that plot line around throughout this whole game, even though it was obvious right away."

Next time on Deception: Another pointless minor character bites it.