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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 11: Lil' Flip

Welcome to The Gauntlet. I have no idea who owns this place... But I think it's a 3rd party with Henry Rollins.

Lil' Flip

I'm gonna smack the crap out of you like your momma used to do, punk.

Unlike the UFC you can use the octagon itself as a weapon. Like grating the fuck out of peoples faces like this...

And cracking skulls in the door like this!

"Woop woop woop woop"


Method Man:Yeah that's what I'm talkin' about. Whooped that ass! Yo lighten up, what's up man?

Oyster: I'm a virgin. Let's derail this conversation and talk about how Carmen says we're "not ready yet" all the time.
Method Man: Naw man, I mean the plan. The plan's working.
Oyster: Is it? Sure we're winning a few clubs, but how do we know we're getting to Crow?

Busta Rhymes pulls up.
Oyster: So that's your ride, huh? No wonder you wanted this one so bad.

Magic: Hey yo shut up and listen, aight? Crow wants you to stay up out of his clubs. That's it.
Oyster: Or what?

Magic: Or we gonna give you a dirt nap!
Oyster: Heh...

Oyster: You tell Crow maybe if he's tired of losing he should find himself a real fighter.

Magic: OH! So you's a real fighter now huh?

Magic: Let's see how well you do fighting on your own!



Method Man: You still think we aint gettin' to Crow? heh.

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