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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 4: K.O.!

Oyster, with a newfound taste for violence decides to head back to The Foundation to mop up the rest of the fighters there. Not only does he need the experience but he also needs to earn himself a solid reputation in order to fight in the big leagues.

First up is "Bo"

"Come on bitch! Step to it... I dare ya!"

Not one to be intimidated by someone with a name referring to bad hygiene Oyster not only steps to it, he also lay's the smack down.

The environment is the biggest weapon you can use in this game. Speakers, posts, sandbags. You can bounce the enemies head of almost anything.

Different fighters interact with the scenery in different ways. Oyster, being a martial artist, does mainly flips to use the enemies own body weight against them. As opposed to say, a wrestler who would just throw the limp body of his foe against the wall.

To seal the deal oyster gets behind Bo and trips him, leaving him prone...


There's no messages, but there IS a new Myspace message.

OH BOY! Things are looking up for Oyster. A girl goon who also thinks he's cute! We'll be sure to keep an eye on THIS folks. Be sure of it.

Anyway, it's time for another fight.


"Yo! Let's do this."

Nyne is our first mixed martial artist combining the speed of Martial Arts and the power of Street Fighting and he quickly sets about beating the fuck out of Oyster.

His haymakers are slow as all hell but Oyster decides to try and reverse the blow instead of just blocking it. His prize? An arm embedded into his mouth all the way up to the elbow.

However using the crowd to his advantage oyster gains the upper hand. The crowd act as the "ropes" in any non-enclosed arena. They shove fighters back into the fray and if someone staggers back into the crowd they will grab onto them allowing you to do a tag-team move. They also hold out weapons sometimes.


Oyster heads on home and checks his messages.

Method Man
Just like we thought. Crow and his boys up in Harlem have been eyein' up our turf... Aint nothin' to be worried about though. So far all he's done is send second rate chumps down to stir up a little shit in out clubs. Let's hope that's the end of it.

Voice Mail
Omar Epps
Anytime you want to go one on one just let me know.

Holy shit. Oyster's been called out. By Omar Epps of all people. Damn, this sounds like it could be a tough battle. If only there was some way we could even the odds. If only there was some way we could get someone to fight in our place who we KNOW could take Epps down...

No, I'm drawing a blank, never mind. Let's go kick his ass.


No problem at all for our Oyster. Granted if he wasn't as fast as he is that could have been a lot tougher. He eagerly rushes home to check his Myspace, but his curvy goon girlfriend hasn't replied yet. We do have new messages however.

Yeah I saw your fight last night. Nice *somaloenma* ya young ass whipper snapper! Keep up the good work!
Tough fight last night kid. You pulled it out. Good work.

D-Mob has set up a fight for you against the Iceberg himself, Ice-T. This is your big first shot. Head on down to Club 357 whenever you're ready.

Damn. I'm not sure if Oyster is ready to take on Ice-T yet. I have a feeling he'll want to level up and have a cold drink first... See you next time when Oyster and Method Man get drunk and trawl for chicks.