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Part 10: FIGHT!

The Macc Ladds were almost banned in the Uk for being so disgusting and offensive. That song might not be known as "Gangbang" but I lost my CDs years ago so all their songs have just been named randomly by me. Anyway... I have another update.

We wake up in the morning wanting some breakfast, but instead of milk on our doorstep there's a box containing a "microchip" of some sorts. Even with this vague description I know it's a sim card for a cell. But the game forces us to give it to Ludacris to analyse. Because he's fucking Batman. We check our mail and it turns out Mike Jones is having trouble with cops... AGAIN! Soooo...


He runs the cop over with a car powered by the magic of rap. Isn't that fun?

Wait, what's this? A character in the game has been arrested for violently beating another man? But that... That's crazy talk! This game has made about as much sense as Fahrenheit up to now(albeit this is just plain bad whereas Fahrenheit is so bad it's good) but now this?

I knew that, Luda. But thanks for confirming it.

We get another anonymous tip telling us Lil' Jon is about to jump The Game on a roof next to a helicopter.


So with that nasty buisness out of the way let's invite out childhood hunni Platinum up to the penthouse for some sweet Nerdshoe lovin'...

A night of hot loving commences. The next day Nerdshoe hears the news about Mike Jones. Tritter just left us a message telling us how Mike is sharing his cell with a large, hairy man who was arrested for violent, gay rape.