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Part 2: Sticky Fingaz

Before he left the club Nerdshow received some Benjamins from Mr. Carver and was told to go smarten himself up. Well this is a Def Jam game so that means dressing our character up in the most retarded way possible... Right?

Aw man.

Yeah one thing sorely lacking in this game is ridiculous outfits. EA wanted the game to be more "street" so we have a collection of popped collar polo shirts and Addidas tops. Never fear, I'm sure we can find something relatively nerdy to fit us.

This will do for now. A Napoleon top and some cargo shorts. Maybe whn we get some more dolla we can get some wicked grillz too!

Time to go home.

Ahhh a true Goon abode. Look at those pizza boxes on the floor. THIS is living, people.

Let's check out the forums and our e-mail.

Lotion? Tissues? Take away cartons? Check, check and check. Thug life? Hah. Nerd life more like.

Couple of e-mails here. Let's have a look.

Sticky Fingaz
It aint like I needed your help last night, but you got Carver's attention. We'll see how long you can hold it.

Jesus Sticky, get a new tune. Oh another mail from the man himself.

One of my artists could use you help. Ludacris. You've heard of him, right? Head over and I'll fill you in.

Turns out there's a stalker who's been harassing Luda who's currently doing an interview. Mr. Carver wants his new muscle to go and "persuade" this guy to leave Luda well alone.

Firstly let me just explain the turntable mechanism in the game.

In the proper game each character has their own soundtrack. The idea is you learn your own song, know when the beats come, thus you can time your attacks to coincide with the beats to inflict more damage. However if there's no beat and your opponant is near a hazard you can "scratch" the song to a beat to hit them. It doesn't do as much damage as a naturally timed beat hit. But it can come in handy.

Cough Cough by Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch. (A forum favourite)

Well we only destroyed the whole set, but that guy will think twice before messing with any of Carver's people again. Let's check our messages again.

Good work, Playa. I think this may work out after all. Listen, you gotta hook up with a couple of artists I'm trying to sign. Y'know, touch base with them. Make them feel the love, let them know they're in good hands with us. You feel me?

Hey man, thanks for what you did last night. I appreciate it. Look, if you've got time there's a paparazzi punk I could use some help with dealing with. So give me a call and I'll tell you about it.

Looks like next time Nerdshoe is going to get his hands dirty again.

Ok, going to rip some additional CD's now. Music requests are opening soon. Got to get some ground rules set down so this remains fun and not 30 videos of J-Pop.