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Part 8: FIGHT

I forgot to play Captain Jack and the extra special Krakhan JSR music. Sorry. That'll be in the next update which should be tomorrow. But either way we all voted to go sign THE GAME. So without further ado...

Tom Waits - Kommienezuspadt


Of course IMMEDIATELY after I won that last fight I was warped to the regular orange club for an important drink.


We also unlocked a new fighting style which I shall use exclusively from now on as it's pretty awesome. As a side note an emo kid works in the same place I do and owns a skeleton hoody.

We check our e-mails and an UNKNOWN SENDER has informed us Redman has gone to visit Tory Dolla and it could be a trap! Uh-oh, guys. This could be trouble!

Nathan Chase Mashup - The Ghost That Feeds

Hey, he's alright. In fact he's rearing to go!

You rock, Redman.

There's also a threat from Big Boi who we didn't sign because The Game had a cooler stage to fight on. Ah well...

Anyway back to more pressing business. Guess what? Mike Jones has been having trouble with a cop again. Jesus, I'm having to wipe everyone's ass in this game. Nerdshoe might as well be called Jean-Luc.

Super Preachers - Barracuda

Nerdshoe's life has become routine: Wake up, release a multi-platinum record.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Almost too easy! But to be fair this is Redman.


Mike Jones also wanted a thousand dollars worth of those "Fly ass E.A. games." Seriously E.A. that's just what us Brits call "Wanky"

We get a call from Big Boi who is still pissed off. So Nerdshoe invites him around for some scones, a bit of tea and maybe a sandwich or two. Can anyone guess what happens next?

Therapy? - Screamager

MOTHERFUCKER! MY HOUSE IS RUINED AND IF I KNOW THIS GAME THAT FALL FROM MY PENTHOUSE WINDOW WILL HAVE JUST WINDED THAT CUNT! What's worse is I have to move back to my anime wallscroll covered, semen stained, generally grotty old apartment.