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Part 1: Cast and bosses of Episode 1

So here's some extra material. The cast and bosses of the first episode. Make some clicky on the pictures to make them larger


Firebrand was the Demon who who once possessed all the Demon's Crests except for one.
That means he was super powerful. Still, to get the final crest he had to beat up a giant dragon and he indeed managed to beat that dragon up good.
However, that dragon also did a number on him. Firebrand had the final crest, the crest of heaven, but was critically wounded. So Phalanx showed up and took all the crests from him.
Aside from that Firebrand is a Red Arremer as made famous by the Ghosts and Goblins series.
In the GnG games Red Arremers are one of the most notoriously difficult enemies and everybody who's heard of the game also knows this guy


Phalanx is the dick who attacked Firebrand from behind to steal all the Crests!
He then proceeded to gloat that he'd now rule both the human and the demon realms!
It's not 100% clear whether he did rule the demon realm already before that but after obtaining all the crests he did for sure and threw Firebrand inside a coliseum.
Obviously, he's the main villain.


Somulo is the Dragon that held the crest of heaven before Firebrand killed him and took it.
Don't worry, Somulo got better. Kind of. He's now a zombie dragon. Most likely revived by Phalanx.
Being the first boss he's also the easiest. His attacks consist of breathing fire on the ground and breathing fire at the wall behind firebrand.


The Hippogriff is a recurring miniboss. There's absolutely no backstory to him.
It is inspired by a being from italian folklore though. First mentioned by Virgil (yes, that one) and named by Ludovico Ariosto.
The Hippogriff is described as being half horse, half eagle. In Demon's Crest it does look more like it's half human, half bird and also has horns.

General Arma

Arma is one of Phalanx' Generals. Or maybe his only one. He's tasked with hunting down Firebrand.
Which is kind of odd, because Phalanx, instead of straight out killing Firebrand after taking the crests from him threw him into a coliseum.
He could have assumed that Zombie Somulo could take care of Firebrand, but apparently he thought, nah, Firebrand will win that.
So he tasked Arma with finishing Firebrand off for good. And Arma doesn't seem to take that job very seriously.
His first encounter with Firebrand just has him fly around a bit and then act all invincible when defeated. He even drops something rather important when fleeing: The Crest of Earth.
Arma acts as a recurring boss. He gains new abilities with every encounter.