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Part 10: Oh man, it's the real final boss! (in Episode 10)

Welp, time for the real final boss.

This bonus video just shows some minor stuff I show because I can.

Ultimate Gargoyle

The Ultimate Gargoyle is called that for a reason. He can do everything the other Gargoyles can do.
He can walk, fly, ascend, dash, swim and even headbutt. He also gets the Legendary Gargoyles extra health.
In addition to that you get a charge shot! But it's not really that useful in the final boss fight because you'll
constantly have to dodge around using the jump and ability buttons. I didn't show it in any of the videos because
I only got reminded of it after the fact, but the pic on the right is what it looks like.
The game is even nice enough to let us replay all the stages with this guy just in case we want to have some fun.

Dark Demon

The very final boss. I'm not sure what the deal is with that guy from a plot standpoint.
The ending merely mentions that he lurked deep within the human world. That's all.
Gameplay-wise he isn't a particularly fun boss, sadly. Better than the final form of Phalanx at least.
What makes this fight kinda interesting is that the Dark Demon alternates between two forms.
The floating-pile-of-bones thing and the glowy-demon-dude thing. There's at least some kind of
skill involved in this fight but once you are lined up to get in a good couple hits it's best
to just dish out the damage and tank some hits for the sake of that.
It's not THAT bad of a fight, it just takes too long.

Anyway, this is it.
Thanks for sticking around. I Hope you enjoyed the stay.
As fun as it is to do short videos of rather short games I'd like to do something bigger again next time. Maybe not quite Dark Souls levels of big but something a little more invovled. Then again, I might be lying my ass off right now and will just do a highly informative LP of You Have To Burn The Rope next.