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Part 5: Let's play Basic Training Stage 4

Let's play Basic Training Stage 4

This level doesn't deserve its own picture. The video is here.
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Let's meet the Fenris and Leviathan

Because seriously, they're the exact same ship.

OK, so the Leviathan has a little more armor. That's a nice story, Volition. Your modeler was out sick, wasn't he? The image in the database doesn't even reload when switching between the two.

At any rate, I love seeing these guys when I get to kill them. They're ridiculously weak for their size, and can easily be taken down with just a fighter and basic weapons. The Leviathan a bit less so, true, but still.
For the same reason, they're a serious pain to try to guard.

Now, another word on communications, since I skipped over it in the training mission. Basically, you can order any ship, group of ships, or all ships to do just about anything. Attack my target, disable it, disarm it, protect it, ignore it. They can also be ordered to come to you, or to guard you. These all have their own key combos, but I find it easier to remember their place in the menu list.
In the end, though, most of these orders aren't that great, because the AI isn't that great. "Guard me" sounds like a great idea, but frankly, you're still gonna have to fend for yourself a lot. Ordering them to attack a specific target bothering you works a lot better.